Time Is Hard | Handle What ‘It’ Is | TARDIS Talk

Time is a vicious thing.

Does it ever feel like one minute goes quicker than another? Does it ever happen to you, that when you wait, everything takes longer – even if your a patient guy! What about when time flies when you’re having fun? Happens with me, all the time. But why is this happening to all of us? Not everything falls into two categories. *ask yourself why.*

Time passes… second by second. The silence of it creeps you out slightly. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. Your life is constantly clicking away. Just like that and there goes a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year… a life.

Some of us are scared by this tick, tick, tick, ticking. When is our life going to end? It’s coming closer and closer by the breath of your soul. However, some of us are careless of our time and take precious things for granted. Like the outside world whilst it’s not clouded with plastic yet. Or that skies still roam.

It’s weird, time. Our big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff. Whatever you want to call it.

It’s so complex. Weaving in and out and haunting others. Going back and forth.

We’re only human. And this world is growing too fast for us. So we need to speed up cautiously but carefully, making sure we’re making a good job of renovating this mess we call Earth.

- David Tennant (10th Doctor)

At the moment you remember things, you aren’t forgetting. The present is the past in less than a millisecond so this goes into your memory and you aren’t LEARNING you’re REMEMBERING.

So, also, in accompaniment with time your teachers aren’t TEACHING you, they are REMEMBERING you.

Not yet is this theory a philosophical argument but it soon could be because of US. Just because we’re only human doesn’t stop us from MAKING A GOOD IMPACT. A life-changing new way of thinking.

You out there and get that world in your grasp and sort it out not just from bird’s-eye views but from looking in someone else’s shoes.

Go out there and grab time whilst it’s still the present, past… change the FUTURE.

And yay I could unleash my Whovian!

9 thoughts on “Time Is Hard | Handle What ‘It’ Is | TARDIS Talk

  1. Love this! Totally agree that time just goes way too fast. I was literally just thinking these years have passed by in a flash, but not going to lie you scared me when you said there goes a life. That really hit me. Not only is time going fast, but its your life. Your entire life will be gone in an instant if you don’t start living. Look at your grandparents for instance, I bet time flew past for them. Loved this post Erin! xx


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