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Hello Internet!

I’ve a box of tissues right next to me – not because this is going to be really emotional but because I’ve been sick for a few days. I wake up in the morning like a slug, then for the rest of the day I act like a cat (sleeping at every opportunity). It’s been awful! Please wish me to get well soon. 🤢


Today I was planning to write more on my novel but then I came across to my laptop and the document had gone. So, I think I’ll have to start once again. But the original words of the story keep escaping me and my inner author is not switched on. I cannot think; write; speak or wonder, whatsoever and it hurts.


Quote of the week

I love poetry – however I’m not a poet. I love art – but I’m not an artist. I try my hardest to do what I love but it never comes to me. What are my talents?

Today I’m going to share with you some ways to get crafty and make something personalized for someone you care about! Let’s get started:

  1. Colour in their initial. My Granny bought this lovely book for me (thank you!) in ‘The Works’ with fancy letters to colour in. But you could also draw this if you like! I think that spending your time to do something like this is lovely for your receiver and colouring is very relaxing! *BONUS!*
  1. Photo-frame collage! This is quite complex (but easy). All you need is: a photo frame, twine/string/ribbon, photos, mini-pegs or paper clips and extra-accessory (pressed flowers is a good option). I’ll need to show you a full tutorial so I will do very soon – probably this week.
  2. Bake! You could create a baking kit for your chosen person and make it together (this is great for the younger people) or bake them a cake FOR them. It’s up to you! But these all work amazingly!!
  3. It’s the wrapping that counts: if you have personalized gift-wrapping or have taken your skills to the next level it makes for a brilliant gift, no matter whether it’s bought or not! So get that wrapping sorted.

I hope you loved making these DIYs and took these tips in to account. Sorry for the weird mash-up of subjects, but that’s me: weird! If you are to make any of these lovely things then please send me a photo via email! All the feedback from you is appreciated.

Best of wishes,


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