Art Is Behind Everything? Pt. 1/3

Hello Internet!

Before we begin, I would like to address some statements. 1) I know I’ve promised an Amsterdam post, so that’s on it’s way; I’m fully aware there’s been a delay but I have so much media to upload! It’s a very long job. 2) Where’s that part two of the nicknames post? I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s ever going to come around again so I’m truly sorry if that’s something you wanted to read.

Today we’re going to debate about art. I believe art is behind everything, however many disagree. Meet Sam and Tim, a pair of very close friends that have a different view on this statement. Sam agrees that art is behind everything, and has a strong belief in God – this is very differentiated to Tim’s opinion. Tim thinks that art is not an essential subject within school and has a very strong argument against the fact that ‘Art is behind everything.’

I’ll ask you now, what’s your opinion? I’m backing up Sam.

Sam: Tim, you know how we didn’t learn enough art in school-

Tim quickly cuts in.

Tim: WE LEARNT ENOUGH ART, okay? I’m sorry but you can’t go on about this any longer. It’s making me sick. Art is great, yes. But school taught us the amount of art we needed to learn. Art isn’t essential anyway, it’s not like it is behind EVERYTHING.

Sam: God had a plan. He decided to created an Earth. He use art to figure His ideas. My mind is art! So is that wall over there, and the grass. God created the grass exactly how He wanted it to be. Architects designed the wall to be useful! It creates a barrier. That’s a good thing.

Tim: I suppose… but no-one created grass! With all due respects I do not believe in Him. I think it’s unscientific tosh.

Sam: I am probably viewing this in the most scientific respect. I believe in God. God believes in me. BUT I AM STILL A PHILOSOPHER.

Tim: Philosophy is so out of order.

Sam starts raging in fury. He thought Tim was a great fella’…

Hope you enjoyed this style of post! It’s very much inspired by Stephen Law’s take on ‘The Complete Philosophy Files’.

Who do you agree with?

Have a great day, wherever you are, whatever your doing.


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