Anxiety, Moods and OCD | The Life Ramble

Happy Tuesday!

It was Monday yesterday (as you are probably aware of) and the start of a new, fresh week. You felt really motivated and you were aiming amazingly high! You achieved everything, and more, but the people around you pulled you down, creating now, an uninspiring atmosphere.

I always try to motivate myself, bring myself up when I’m down. My walls are plastered with posters that make me happy, messages from my friends that help to like myself a bit more, and weird memes that I like to laugh at. My room is a calming, motivating space.


Go for a… walk in the park

Others affect your mood more than your mental health. So, when I wake up a 6:00am (every morning but weekends), with a schedule, I feel on top of the world. I write down what I need to do and why. I give myself check boxes that make me feel more prepared for the day; I create myself a lovely, healthy breakfast; I record moments of my day in photographs and I love this Organized Erin more than ever!

But… my friend COULD get angry at me, then I feel guilty. When I feel guilty (and I often do, most of my texts start with ‘sorry’) I make a den– a really cozy one with fairy lights and books – and I get on with what I need to do. Whether that’s to blog or do homework, I’ll enclose myself in that space until it’s time for food…


An amazing swarm of birds and… snow! XD

DISCLAIMER: I’m really OCD and I do my homework as soon as I come from school, organize my bag for the next day and get that stuff over with… QUICKLY!!!

So, we are going off on tangents, I’m over-sharing my life AND this is turning into a ramble. But in your mid-week crisis I think you need these things more than ever!

UPDATE FOR BLOG: As usual I’m posting on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. My Tuesday posts are usually for catch-ups and rambles (like this one), my Fridays are for travel and tips (this week I’m hopefully doing my trip to the Banksy museum and carrying on my debate between Graffiti: Art or Vandalism) and Sundays are for collaborations, DIYs, projects, art and photography. I know it’s quite organized but I’m trying to get some sort of an idea of what to expect.


Mahon – Menorca 2017

I needed to write this post to get some anxieties out of me; I know it’s doesn’t sound overly anxious but I just need to let go of some of my random thoughts that are taking up a small amount of capacity in my head – that I could use for studying and other ideas.

Sorry for the lack of relative photos in this post: I’ve not been going out as much for photographs in this terrible weather however my photographic side is urging to get back into it as soon as possible!

Make the most of your wonderful week, *it is wonderful, look on the bright side!*


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