Asking ‘Why?’ Is Good For You | Advice

Hello Internet!

Welcome back! Last week I told you to question yourself ‘why?’ on different subjects, and so did I. Asking questions and wondering more often than usual. I was stuck in a world of over-thinking, and for once, I enjoyed the visit. A weeks holiday in a universe of questioning and truth. Every single person there had an interest in daydreaming debates that grew from the seed of ‘why?’. Me, myself and I pondered over some important questions such as:

  • Why do humans exist?
  • Why do girls have to wear makeup?
  • Why do we eat living things? Yes, vegetarianism is an option but we’ve still not stopped eating plants.


  • Why do we treat each other badly?
  • Why start a war?
  • Why did something start a world?
  • Art is in everything, why?

If you ask, and ask to often, it’s bad for you. Please don’t question your teachers/bosses about why we need to go to school/work – that’s just cheeky. But ask yourself: you’re your own model (role-model perhaps, however try not to get too full of yourself.) and dictionary, learner, helper and lover. Learn to accept yourself and keep on questioning, no matter what.


I’ve been experimenting with some photography tips and tricks so that’s why my photographs for this post aren’t really related to the subject XD

Sorry for being off schedule this past week, I’m back into it now!

Take care (especially those being affected by Storm Emma!),

  • Erin

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