January And February Favourites | 2018

Hey Everyone!

Today, as promised, I’m doing a January/February favourites post. When the year started from there was nothing I could really speak about as my favourites, because I sticked to old things but new routines. So this is joint post! I’ll probably be doing this with most of favourites 🙂

I’m going to start off with books (I know I could really go off on a tangent here so this will be as short as possible). New authors that I’ve grown to love recently include Patrick Ness and Stephen Law – I love a good philosophy book! In January I vowed to myself that I’d actually use my local library membership so a couple of Fridays ago I went and borrowed some books. At the moment I’m reading “The Rosewood Chronicles: Undercover Princess” by Connie Glynn (better known as YouTuber Noodlerella) and ‘The Complete Philosophy Files’ by Stephen Law. I’m really enjoying the two books I’m reading and I really recommend them! Without further ad-o I’m going to move on because I could go on for hours about this.

Secondly, music. I’ve been listening to a mix of old and new artists: ABBA, The Vaccines, Ed Sheeran and, does Dodie Clark count? I hope so, otherwise I feel really old. My family loves music, especially Pop and Rock of the 70’s to 80’s. Susanne Vega is also super cool, I love her stuff as well.

TV PROGRAMMES! Yay (you’ll finally understand something)! I’ve been watching some old Doctor Who’s right now and they’re still a classy favourite of mine. ‘Still Open All Hours’ on BBC 1 every Sunday – still not as good as the old Ronnie Barker! I love watching comedy Programmes: Miranda and The Two Ronnies are programme I love to re-watch. *such an oldie 😂*

Podcasts and YouTube. I love listening to ‘Ear Biscuits’ by Rhett and Link followed by ‘Desert Island Discs’ from BBC Radio 4 on my Podcasts! YouTubers I’ve started to love recently are PointlessBlogVlogs (I can’t wait for his Podcast too) Shaelin Writes, Robin Clonts, Zoe Ware and Erin Breanna. *Just some information if you can’t find someone to watch when you procrastinate! (Which you SHOULDN’T be doing!)*

Art Styles:

I’ve been practicing my anime and chibi art styles. When painting, I’ve been working on flowers because they’re nice and complex and really cool to learn about! A guide that I have been using is called “Flowers: the Watercolour Art Pad” by Rachel Pedder-Smith.

These past months I have been baking a lot more (I’ll try and incorporate some kind of tutorial very soon) and create a load of mess with DIY experiments and origami! Paper crafts are really cool to do when you’re bored. There’s so many amazing tutorials on YouTube (much better than mine).

Also, I’ve been Net-balling a ton more and going on so many more walks (to take photos and stay active 😂)

I hope you enjoyed my very strangely put together favourites! I recommend you try some of these things that I’ve been loving; especially the books. Once I have finished a few more I’ll fit in a book review for you!

What particular things do you think I will enjoy?

Please leave suggestions down below!

Best wishes,

2 thoughts on “January And February Favourites | 2018

  1. OOH I freaking live for Miranda! I own copies of all the seasons and seriously love them, I literally know every word to every episode! Haha! I can’t wait for Alfie’s podcasts either! And thank you for mentioning my channel 🙂 Your art is so good!! I wish I were that talented! xx


    Liked by 1 person

    • Miranda = life! Thanks for the comment! I’m super happy you like my art, and that you’re excited for Alfie’s PodCast. I love your channel so much and your welcome for the shoutout, you’re just so freakin’ good! Have a great day Zoe, – Erin xx


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