Bullet Journalling: The Easy Way

Hello Internet!

In a slump at the start of the year: are the motivation and organization goals getting too much for you? Or haven’t you started on the bullet journal trend? Here are my top ten tips to glide your life to the goals you’ve been wishing for. And it’s really simple!

You will need to succeed:


Sorry for the yellowed lighting on these photographs.

  • Coloured pens or pencils
  • A notebook
  • A pen or pencil
  • Determination

Rules (a rough guide):

To maintain an awesome standard of journaling make sure you take ten minutes of your time every day to get your next day listed, colour-coded and prepared. Ten minutes is a large stretch but having the extra time helps with better consistency (making it good every day, not just at the weekends when there’s extra time.)

To-do lists are your only way of not procrastinating and really getting organized. Setting a schedule and some lists helps you understand what NEEDS to be done. Then, you’ll know that if you procrastinate nothing will get done! So write a to-do list per day, or per week, whatever suits you. Also, make sure you include the little things as it will make you feel so much more motivated to carry on!


Write a sentence or paragraph to sum up your day. I add a little box to the end of my to-do list that states ‘good thing that happened’, and I’ll write one good thing. You could write a paragraph though if you wanted!

Leave space for notes. Girl, you need to add notes. Make sure you are jotting down where to be, when and why. NOTES, NOTES, NOTES!


Other helpful, short-hand steps:

Add in doodles, little illustrations that might keep you happy.

Have a page for quotes!


Leave your bullet journal open on your desk so you see it first thing in the morning.

Have list of your new year’s goals, and choose a certain colour on your to-do list that signifies “things to do that maintain my resolutions”.

Never go un-colour-coded.

Always write ‘next day plans’ on your list!

I hope these tips will help you push forward! You can do it if you try.

Have an amazing week, full of notes and to-do lists!


WEEKLY INSPIRATION: ‘The sky’s not the limit, look what astronauts did.’


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