Bored? I’ve Got You Sorted.

Hey Internet!

Today I’m going to show you what things you can do when you’re bored! I saw Zoe Ware doing one of these on her Youtube channel not long ago and I’m going to use the same step one/disclaimer.

  1. Are you sure you aren’t procrastinating? Make sure you have nothing to do. If you are bored with doing your homework then, *Nike says it all* JUST DO IT! It’s not as if you have nothing you need to be doing, so, get it done with, then carry on with these steps.
  2. If you are following a long at home then now you’ll actually, probably, be bored! Step two is to go outside. At least every day you must go out into the world and just get some fresh air. Whether that’s doing your 30 minutes of excercise by going on a short walk, or going on a bike ride with your friends to a little cafè, whatever suits you!

Long, long legs!

3) I think this is slightly separate to the second step: go get some excercise! Anything from dancing, to rugby: just go out and get started!

4) Read a book: get lost in a great book.


Maybe the Princess and Star Wars combination is a bit weird…?

5) Make a den! I’ll make a whole post on this but go back to the future and make a den. Line it with fairy lights, blankets, a book, some Pom-pom makers (maybe only for me then?) and YouTube. You’ll have a whale of a time.


6) BAKE! Get messy and try out some recipes that seem interesting. Make them as wacky and wonderful as you like. Please send me photos!

7) Sketch or DIY, do something artistic! Maybe a pygmy-puff,  or a glitter globe like this one!


8) Start a blog, and write your hearts out! A blog is the best thing to do when you’re bored.

9) Practice/start to learn a musical instrument. I play cello, keyboard and a bit of ukulele.

10) Tidy your room, sort out your space. Throw some things away and finally sort your huge clothes pile!

11) Start a diary (bullet journal are awesome! I follow YouTube channel ‘Doodles By Sarah’ for awesome tips on bullet diaries)

12) Take up a new hobby. Easier said than done I’m afraid…

13) Go through your old toys or watch some cringey TV shows from your childhood!



I hope you like these ideas! Please send me some awesome things you do when you’re bored.

Have a great non-boring day,


8 thoughts on “Bored? I’ve Got You Sorted.

    • Aww! No problem Zoë, 😂. I’m not awfully great at ukulele but I like to play once and again. Do you ever think you might do violin again? I love your dancing though. Thank you SO much,
      Erin x


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