Love, Art And a Few Tangents

Hey Internet!

Thank you so much for likes and comments on my last post. The collaboration was lovely to put together so I’m pleased you loved it!

Just to clear things up a bit:

I will not be posting till Friday or Thursday as I’m going to Amsterdam! I’ll be taking lots of photos in this wonderful city. I hope you enjoy photo dumps! My posting schedule is currently Monday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday (definitely once a weekend). So that’s three posts per week!

*sorry for all of my cheesy exclamation mark ending sentences. I’m not talented in this online world :)*

Today I’m dumping some sketches and brainstorms. No, they’re not works of art, however, the stages of becoming an artist are awesome to see. I certainly love stalking other’s social media profiles to see these things…


*Absolute nonsense*

*CRINGE* I love drawing, painting and doodling. It’s nice to express yourself with simple characters. That’s why blogging is so awesome! Random people from all over the world are seeing your expressions, not your influence.

When I started this blog way back last year (it seems like centuries ago, I do not know how I coped without it) I did it to anonymously speak to teenagers/young adults who need some reassurance and time to themselves. I love being anonymous because no-one can judge what you look like, but only your inner self. And I think that’s the beast and beauty of the world.

People judge you from the outside.

And it’s not the inside they see first.


Chibi brother and sister ❤

I don’t think I believe in love at first sight. One glance, ‘ain’t enough to fall in love. Yes, Jack loved Rose’s looks, and I can’t blame him, she’s beautiful (I’m not gay, by the way, I know it’s sounds kinda’ weird). But Rose got to new Jack before love started to form in-between them. I think it’s takes more than ‘a glance’ to properly fall in love. What do you think? Do you find love at first sight something to believe in?


Terrible fail at mosaic!

My main artist cheerleaders are YouTubers and close friends! (I’m such a saddo)

Thank you for reading/quickly scanning my post! I hope you loved my cheesy tangents and weird sketches!



“Do your future self a favour, and work hard today.” – Unknown

11 thoughts on “Love, Art And a Few Tangents

    • Aww, thank you Zoe! I really admire your blog 😂😍 Yes! I got it from Alfie’s channel! I not sure who it’s from either but I thinks it’s a great quote! Thanks for reading,
      Take care 🙂


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