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Hey Internet!

I know I’ve been mentioning a collaboration with “infinitelyadaydreamer” for a while now. Well, it’s finally here! I can’t thank Maryam enough for this opportunity, but, when within my reach, it’s hard not to take the experience!

We’re today debating the war over animal testing. Imagine a strong, powerful storm is approaching you. That with be me and Maryam. Opening a rainbow full of treasures to explore.


Here we go!

Maryam’s Vital Opinion:

I could think of a billion reasons why I’m against animal testing.

To really understand this issue, we need to go to the root of the problem.

What’s that?

That is the basis of all destruction.

The belief that others aren’t worthy of the same treatment, the same respect and care that we, as people, expect.

And that is why companies go ahead with their cruel experiments. Because to them, it is nothing.

Hitler. The concentration camps.

Yes, it’s happening again.

That’s what we are like, to them.

Or am I using an overly extreme example?

Animals are like us. Exactly like us.

Let’s not be the people we’re afraid of.


I am a vegetarian.

For me, for the animals, for love.

When I found better sustenance, my eyes were truly opened to every aspect of this lifestyle.

I couldn’t be a willing participant in the pain of this world’s most innocent, so I simply stopped.

I threw away all my makeup, and vowed never to buy brands that supported animal testing again.

Vegetarianism is honestly so much more than cutting out meat.

It’s about going to bed with a clear conscience.

Knowing you are doing right.

All life clings to life.


My Bunny, Tufty-Fluff (don’t ask about the name please…)

My Opinion:

There’s nothing but hate in animal testing.

Why is it that we all say that we are against it in this argument yet it isn’t enough to persuade the big brands?

I believe in equal rights; the same goes for animals.

We are animals, we live on earth, we have a purpose.

So do they.

Before humans, all that animals had to do was to reproduce and bring up their offspring.

Yet we have made one of the biggest impacts on the world and we aren’t here to just keep the race living.


We are here to leave a special footprint.

That’s not where we are going with animal testing. No way.

So consider your choices.

Go out there and make a good impact. Never go back to being inconsiderate.

Little things like putting sauce on chips can make a massive difference. If you didn’t add sauce, your parents might’ve brought up a different conversation. You could’ve not started to draw passionately, who knows? But it makes a difference.

“Thou shall not kill”, taken from The Holy Bible: The Ten Commandments. In this particular quote He doesn’t mention in which species we shall not kill. So why are some Christians killing animals during animal testing?

Just something to think about.


We have a big galaxy to take care of, not just Earth.

I hoped you over our collaboration! Please leave your debates down below. If you like to see more of Maryam then please check out her awesome blog! Full of photos, animals and advice; what’s not to like?

Have a great weekend. Spend it wisely! (I know how fast they go!) Anything interesting going on in your life? Please contact me!

Take care,

Erin xx

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