Nicknames | Part 1/2 | I’m Pure?

Hey Internet!

This is a very serious matter, about some of the names I have and their origin. I’m not going to be listing them all because we could be here for hours but here are some of the most commonly used. The name ‘Catherine’ (my actual Christian name) is a Greek word meaning ‘pure’ (I am certainly that!).


This is a Google suggestion of ‘pure’ XD

The first name I’m going to be talking *rambling* about is ‘Mip’. My brother, best friend and my brother’s friends all call me Mip. This literally has no origin yet my brother has used this pet name from an early age. I think it stands for ‘most important person’ then everyone else has the idea it’s ‘most irritating person’? Please be nice.


The second is Kitty. My mum calls me Kitty or Kit’, there’s something very annoying about this one because I never know whether she’s calling the cat or me! Usually I ask for a bit of clarification.


I wish I could survive with being lazy LOL


The third is plainly ‘Catherine’. This is pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes it’s a very enthusiastic ‘Cathy!’ or ‘Cath!’ but I prefer Mip, Erin or Kitty to be honest with you.

And finally we’re concluding with my nicknames ‘weird’ and ‘overly Whovian’; these are used a lot in circumstances I don’t like them in!


My posting schedule is on Saturday, Monday and occasionally Tuesday. I am very sorry that it’s not well spaced out but Wednesday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are very busy for me. I’m also putting a lot of effort into some upcoming posts so I find it better that this blog should hold more quality than quantity.



Thanks to ‘Pexels’ for providing the photos and my brother for helping me correct the paragraph about him! He has a YouTube channel named ‘Jonny Mark One’ which I will link here. Big thanks to you for reading and,

Take care,

Erin, xx

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