Sketch Dump | Fantasy Photo

Hey guys!

I am so stuck to write anything. My mind is wandering off to subjects of the fantasy world and reality just isn’t worth writing about. I have no words, absolutely none. My life isn’t terrible but my creative mind thinks so. Today I’m just dumping some photos of sketches and brainstorms so you can see my weird, wacky wildness! I also know I’m going insane right now because I’m only listening to the “Mamma Mia” songs on repeat in my free time.

I hope you like these sketches! (I can’t call myself an artist so these are really childishly terrible! XD)



NSPCC ‘Speak Out’ based artwork


Doodling where I shouldn’t XD


Very old Phoenix sketch


Brainstorm blues LOL


Creepy doodles… 

Thanks for sticking around and ‘Happy Saturday!’

Erin, xx

P.S Sorry about the quality of some of these photos, England isn’t a place of amazing natural lighting!

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