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Hey Internet!

Today I’m sharing with you a novel extract that I’ve been working on. It’s not edited or anything but I hope it’s still OK! I know this isn’t carrying on with my mini-series but it will be right back on track very soon. Also, seeing as Valentines is coming up I’m going to be sharing some awesome DIYs that I’ve prepared for you. (This is super rushed and literally straight from my phone so, the quality aint too good!)


Here’s the extract (this is actually all I’ve done besides note-taking. XD) :

‘It moved. Why was it moving? That should not of been moving, well, not on it’s own anyway…

They said I was up to no good; I wasn’t, yet I wasn’t up to no bad either. The tower leaned towards the floor, and there I saw it in the corner of my eye before cascading it’s pieces on the floor like an un-put-together puzzle. Puzzles reminded me dreadfully of my sister, we used to work on them every night by the fire until she rose to heaven 7 years ago. The years took so long to pass without her and I said, wished and prayed to get out my terrible mess of a life and runaway. This is where my story begins:

It wasn’t my choice to be beaten and bullied: it was never a good life when father’s favouritism started to take lead. According to mother I’d never grown up to be a woman, or even grown up at all. It never mattered to me when my head was full of fairytales because I never thought there was this terrible reality. Sadly there is, but my scholarship overwhelms my other duties and I make myself more work when I know I have a long evening at home.

I was always dreaming to achieve my biggest goals, which were to: reach university, get a degree and stand with the suffragette movement proudly. However, my ambition to leave my present life strung me on it’s lead; what was I to do?’


A great but terrible cliff-hanger, hey? I hope you liked it. Please give me some character name suggestions down below! Just as an overview, this story is set in the late Edwardians, very close to the World War.

Take care everyone,

Erin, xx


6 thoughts on “Novel Extract! | Sneak Peek

  1. This is very good! This story is very intriguing, and it makes me want to read it more! Here are some name suggestions:
    So, those are all of the names that I can come up with. Have fun with your novel!

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