The Art, Books and Changes | Mini Series

Hey Internet!

Today I’m carrying on with my little question series. Today’s question is from my email friend Ashley, she asks: ‘what changes are you going to make around your blog this year?’.

I’m going to be changing a lot around this year, since it is one of my resolutions. The things I am going to be including are:

  • Mini series’ (like this one)
  • DIYs! I have friendships bracelet hacks and how-to’s coming up.
  • Tying in with ‘DIYing’ is art. I love art: seeing a boring sketch come to life in paints and colour is truly magical. I’ll be posting a lot of tips, sketchbook tours and art advice: to *cough, cough* share my skills!


  • Collabs – I find collaborations a nice way to grab a different audience of another blogger and build a bigger community! I know that my recent collaborations have helped boost other’s followers.
  • Book reviews – I love sharing my opinions on different things, especially books (bookworm alert!) and reviewing on app stores and writing replies to bloggers is really lovely, so they’re very similar.
  • Favourites. At the end of every two months or so I’m hoping to get some good photos of things I’ve been loving! I know I love reading/watching them. These will include things like poems, music, food, (who could forget the food?) clothing, books, blog and YouTube channels etc.
  • This year I’m hoping to pursue more in photography; being one of my hobbies it’s absolutely essential that I can make the most of it. So photo dumps and challenges revolving around the topic will be seen often!


  • Writing a novel is one of my challenges for this year. I’m going to be posting a lot of extracts here and please get in touch too if you can advise any good coaches around the subject (or you; I know there’s talent hiding within your blogs and websites!)

These are my main aims in blogging this year. Jumping into 2019 and later on this year I’m thinking of starting YouTube and receiving money from my hobby by incorporating some advertisements here and there.

I know I’ve been out of posting schedule for a few days but let’s get it rolling again!

Thanks for the questions, please keep sending them in! Leave a comment down below saying what changes you would like to see around here if you want any!

Stay safe guys,

Erin, xx

P.S you wouldn’t believe the amount of time it took for all of the photo’s to upload! Some of these are really old, from about one month ago!

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