Describe Blogging In One Sentence

Hey Internet!

I know you hate me now for bombarding you with so many Q and A’s but I found some really interesting questions from different blogs that I really wanted to answer. However, it isn’t a Q and A. I’m going to have one question per blog post to get me talking, and hopefully you as well! So today we’re going to be talking about the first question which I found on at

How would you describe blogging in one sentence?

This is probably the hardest question. My sentence will need a lot of parenthesis to sum up blogging! It’s amazing, which is all I can muster because I am honestly too speechless to describe it. However, blogging really is much more than that. There’s a whole community that unites people of different religions, countries and cultures. We wouldn’t have found each other without the Internet. It binds us together. One reason why my blog is anonymous is because no-one can judge me by my looks and way of talking and walking (right, OK, I know this is getting pretty cheesy for all of you now but wait, this is a weird blog. It can be whatever it likes).


A photographic little stroll.

Blogging is life-changing: in good ways and bad. You can get to engrossed in your schedule that you don’t go to the park with your mates on a Friday anymore, or procrastinate and leave the big project till ‘tomorrow’ (blog posts linked here and here for more on the ‘tomorrow’ philosophy). But it’s amazingly good because it encourages you to do more, in the best way possible. It’s educating and fun; it’s creativity and limits but it’s ace!


My love for photography, pursued in Minorca.

So my one sentence describing blogging is:

‘It’s educating and fun; it’s creativity and limits but it’s ace!’

Anyway, can you alter that without adding an extra essay? Please leave you sentences below! I’ll be getting back to all of you.

Thank you,

Erin, xx

P.S Sorry that it’s kind of too short… eek!

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