Get Organised! | Five Easy Steps To Get Your Life Back On Track

Hello Internet!

You all seemed to love my DIY post, so be on the look out as there are more coming! Ever wanted to know how to turn a sock into a cute rabbit? Or a cereal box to a Pygmy Puff? Well, turn your notifications on and stay subscribed!


I’m going to talk today about how I’m coping with my New Year’s resolutions, and some helpful tips how to achieve yours!

  1. Firstly, lists. I write lists on end: to-dos, shopping lists and notes. My life is bullet points so just get started! Plus, if you are a list maker, be sure to gather up all of your lists into one notebook. When you look back, a bit like bullet journalism, you’ll see what you’ve done day-to-day so be sure to note special occasions!
  1. Secondly, time. You must take care of your time, handle it all and think about how long at maximum your tasks will take, so even if you do it quickly there’s no pressure for time! So for me, I’ll have an hour for homework, revision and school; I’ll have 45 minutes to an hour of blogging, etc. Also in your list book, write when you woke up and went to bed, or when you are expected to, to set a time frame.
  1.   After that you’ve got to highlight. Make your list as long as you want as long as you have   colour-coordination. I usually have 2/3 of an A5 page with a list for one day. And then, I’ll go in with my pens and highlight my priorities, what I need to do, and categories. Sometimes I’ll also go a step further and highlight what I need to do to accomplish my New Year’s goals!


  1. Next, tidy your space, and organise! Tidy, sort out, and clean every inch of your bedroom and workspace. However, you must do it in stages! Take it as a project, you won’t organise properly in one day! I find YouTuber Hermione Chantal really helpful for these things so please go and check her out! Her blog is also linked here for further details.
  1. Work hard guys. Work your butt of every day and treat yourself! Obviously don’t go OTT and place an Amazon order every day but what I do is list things I really want to buy, and at the end of each month, I’ll buy it. It’s something to work towards, and you’ll regret not working hard enough later in life. Yes, I know I sound like your mum but just do it! Go, work hard. When you get back, you can bake those cakes you love (and help yourself to some cake mixture!) go on and stop procrastinating, just for a few hours.


And we are done! Go and grab your notebook and start listing! You know have no excuse to be lazy and not be organised.

Thank you so much,

Erin, xx

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