DIY Glitter Globe |Up-cycle Those Jam Jars!

Hey guys!

Recently I’ve been really ‘DIYing’ my heart out and this amazing, aesthetically pleasing glitter globe is easily made by things you probably have around the house! Your globe is personal to you, you can choose the glitter, the size of jar and the colours, it’s all yours. So ignite you crafty side and get started!

You will need:

  • Clear glue (Glue used for slime making!)
  • Glitter or any waterproof confetti
  • Food colouring
  • Water – the measurements are based on the size of your jar.
  • Mason jar
  • Ribbon to decorate (optional)

All the colours are to your preference and food colouring is advised as clear glue makes the water very grey.

Instructions: (excuse my terrible explanations!)

  1. Firstly, take your jar and fill it 2/3 full of water.
  2. Secondly, add glue bit by bit until you get a consistency that you are happy with; the more glue you add the slower the glitter will fall – mix well.
  3. After that, add your glitter/confetti to the solution, you can go as mad as you like however do not add to much!

4. Next, add your food colouring (make sure it is liquid colouring!) and try to find a corespondent colour with the glitter.

5. Make sure you mix well and carefully and after this you can decide whether you glue on the lid or not, I didn’t as I wanted to fill it up more when I turned it over (lid facing down).

6. I added ribbon to decorate but you can definitely leave it here. You could also add a figurine to the inside of lid to create a real glitter globe effect.

7. Now, shake and enjoy. It is SO aesthetically pleasing!

I put mine alongside my DIY Pygmy Puff (I am a true Potterhead).

Did you enjoy making yours? Make sure to take some photos and send them to me here! DIY posts are something I will try to post monthly as part of my New Year’s goals!

Best glittery wishes from,

Erin, xx

P.S I am very sorry about the quality of some these photos, I know some of them are really over-edited and others really in bad artificial lighting!

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