Achievements So Far | Chat

Hiya Internet!

*Very chatty, very laid back, very weird*

I don’t know what stopped me from writing for a week, it wasn’t as if I have forgotten you; so much is going on right now with going back to school, pressure is really on.

I have no particular subject I would like to discuss today really. However, I would like to talk about this certain something:


I am trying to post more photographs! It has taken so long for them to upload to WordPress and no I’m starting to get a little bit more than impatient.

Also, YouTube is a great section of my life. Watching videos cheers me up a lot. I found that the following YouTubers are exceptionally helpful and fun to watch:

  1. Zoella. From her blogs to her vlogs I love every single side of her personality! Every time I watch her it feels weird, as if she’s talking directly to me.
  2. Hermione Chantal. An amazing and inspiring YouTuber that can get you around life on a budget.
  3. Kyutie. Her reactions are funny, sometimes rude and always making me smile!
  4. Mark Ferris. Nothing much else to say really… speechless?
  5. Cartooning 4 Kids and Draw With Jazza! Very sketchy.
  6. Robin Clonts. I love her skits and art advice videos! So awesome, especially for you amazing artists!
  7. Erin Breanna! I love her channel, very honest, sometimes emotional and crazy loveliness.
  8. Which leads me on to Dodie! ‘doddlevloggle’ is probably my preferred option over ‘doddleoddle’ because I really love the chatty atmosphere over in vloggle.
  9. mpatient13 or Kaylen. Search her up and you’ll be as shocked as me! (That is in a good way!)
  10. And finally, number 10, Wengie.


I don’t know why YouTube is so inspiring. It’s motivating, funny and ridiculous. You can find anything from recipes to reactions. Not only does it brighten my day, it’s helps me – in the strangest way possible, but it does.

Also, thank you for 20 FOLLOWERS! Twenty? I was proud to be on ten. It’s such a novel achievement, and yes, I know you don’t think it’s much however I’m just a plain Jane and I’m proud to have 20 people that show appreciation of my weird, random, yet important stuff!


This year was off to an amazing start. No signs of anxiety have creeped into my mind yet, I think my brain is taking a different route around mental health.


I have kept to me resolutions so far! Just as a reminder these were:

  1. Stay motivated
  2. Don’t compare myself to others
  3. Focus on my talents/hobbies
  4. Use my imagination where I can (also part of focussing on talents).
  5. Healthy diet/do more sports.


Thank you guys so much for the motivation, support and great help.

Please leave a comment down below if you would like to collaborate! I would love to join with other bloggers wherever I can.

Erin, xx

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