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Hello Internet!

It’s me again and I’m so sorry that I haven’t been blogging enough, I’ve said it in almost very post and comment but I’m just so sorry! Today, you’ll be seeing other weird and random, yet important stuff.


Today I’m doing yet another Q and A, I found some really interesting questions in blogging interviews so here’s my response to them. I really enjoy listening to chatty Podcasts or YouTube videos and reading stuff like it too. So that’s what I’m going to start for real. A chatty, positive, random and real community. Let’s get started!

  1. What has been your most successful post? Why do you think it was appealing?

My most successful posts have been very laid back and unusual posts, things that you don’t really see anywhere else in the blogging world. Or my more ‘following the crowd’ posts like the ‘Liebster Award’.


2. Describe your writing process, from concept to publishing. How do you stay motivated?

I will always start writing in “Pages” and app available for any Apple device. That’s where I edit and mess around with fonts and the like. Then, I will copy and paste from Pages to WordPress and add in links, titles and photographs etc. I do not have to stay motivated to write. My blog is my escape location and no matter whether I’m stressed or too happy I’ll always be writing.


3. How do you attract new readers? Describe the methods you’ve used and their impact on site traffic?

I’m all over the internet finding new and interesting bloggers. I’ll go through some of their posts, like, comment and follow and usually they’ll check mine out and I’ve found super close internet friends by doing so.


4. What would you do to improve our current content? Why?

I should certainly post more often. This year I’m making a proper schedule and I will work from there. I will hopefully post on Mondays and weekends. Twice a week is very easy to work around so please leave your response in the comments.

I am doing this because I don’t think I drive enough traffic to my blog. If I have a schedule like most bloggers I might creep up to being more successful.

Thank you for reading! If you could respond to these questions in your next post then please let me know.

Erin, xx

QOTD: What’s your favourite type of (blog) post to read or write? Why?

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