Plans: My Blog And Beyond

Hello Guys!

Many of you may be aware that one of my New Year’s goals is to improve this blog. Today I’m going to talk about just that.

In The Beginning 

My blog started in March of 2017. I wouldn’t say it’s ‘kicked off’ yet but I have certainly made some strong internet friends and really opened up my imagination. When I first started I was stuck, but I knew that a blog was something that I wanted to do as a break from school and novel-writing (Yes, I am writing a book!).

Now that this community, along with the blog, has grown I feel more comfortable and I always recite blog posts in my head at school (However, I’m a good student and concentrate hard when needed to) and even though I forget what my idea is by the time that I have come back I know that I have a buzzing imagination at least.

Living In The Now

I am now slightly more self-confident (Although I still need to work on it) and reassured when I post something completely random *and weird* because they (You) don’t know who I am personally, and I can easily shut down from this by making the blog private and turning notifications off.

In The Future

My plans for this blog, in other words.

I will be posting art here, well, painting and sketches because art is something I’m passionate about so why not show the audience? I will also make DIY posts, as I’m a ‘DIYer’ but that’s something else I don’t show! I know all of it will be pretty bad *terrible* but why not give it a go?

I will also be posting too many photographs.

I love photography, it’s something I’ve always loved especially Polaroid cameras, where they develop before your eyes. It’s fascinating (In a way.) and really special, to hold that memory in a single piece of paper (But I do agree that it’s so much more than that). And hopefully the photos won’t be boring as I only take ones with meaning and beauty (Sorry for making cringe too much).

I will be rambling.

My often used tag ‘A Ramble Of Things’ will be used frequently, to update and inform you *in the most laid back way possible*.

You Will See The Notification More Often

I am trying, and failing, to post more often but you will see more notifications from this blog! (If you have kindly followed, in which, thank you.)

Thank for reading – if you have bothered to stick around!

Erin, xx

*rushed and un-edited*

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