The Art, Books and Changes | Mini Series

Hey Internet!

Today I’m carrying on with my little question series. Today’s question is from my email friend Ashley, she asks: ‘what changes are you going to make around your blog this year?’.

I’m going to be changing a lot around this year, since it is one of my resolutions. The things I am going to be including are:

  • Mini series’ (like this one)
  • DIYs! I have friendships bracelet hacks and how-to’s coming up.
  • Tying in with ‘DIYing’ is art. I love art: seeing a boring sketch come to life in paints and colour is truly magical. I’ll be posting a lot of tips, sketchbook tours and art advice: to *cough, cough* share my skills!


  • Collabs – I find collaborations a nice way to grab a different audience of another blogger and build a bigger community! I know that my recent collaborations have helped boost other’s followers.
  • Book reviews – I love sharing my opinions on different things, especially books (bookworm alert!) and reviewing on app stores and writing replies to bloggers is really lovely, so they’re very similar.
  • Favourites. At the end of every two months or so I’m hoping to get some good photos of things I’ve been loving! I know I love reading/watching them. These will include things like poems, music, food, (who could forget the food?) clothing, books, blog and YouTube channels etc.
  • This year I’m hoping to pursue more in photography; being one of my hobbies it’s absolutely essential that I can make the most of it. So photo dumps and challenges revolving around the topic will be seen often!


  • Writing a novel is one of my challenges for this year. I’m going to be posting a lot of extracts here and please get in touch too if you can advise any good coaches around the subject (or you; I know there’s talent hiding within your blogs and websites!)

These are my main aims in blogging this year. Jumping into 2019 and later on this year I’m thinking of starting YouTube and receiving money from my hobby by incorporating some advertisements here and there.

I know I’ve been out of posting schedule for a few days but let’s get it rolling again!

Thanks for the questions, please keep sending them in! Leave a comment down below saying what changes you would like to see around here if you want any!

Stay safe guys,

Erin, xx

P.S you wouldn’t believe the amount of time it took for all of the photo’s to upload! Some of these are really old, from about one month ago!

The Philosophy of Tomorrow #2


Hello Internet! (For ‘The Philosophy of Tomorrow #1″ please click here)

It’s Saturday afternoon and you have a big science project that is due on Monday. Your teacher told you about it weeks ago, but you saw no reason to get started right away. Now you are getting a little nervous. You only have two days to do the project and you should probably get to work. But where should you begin? There is so much work to do. Maybe a walk in the fresh air would clear your mind.

You had some great ideas on your walk and when you come back inside, you are ready to work. You sit down at your desk. My, your desk certainly looks messy. You would probably work better if it were neat. As you organize your desk, you find a deck of cards. You remember a fun card game that a…

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Describe Blogging In One Sentence

Hey Internet!

I know you hate me now for bombarding you with so many Q and A’s but I found some really interesting questions from different blogs that I really wanted to answer. However, it isn’t a Q and A. I’m going to have one question per blog post to get me talking, and hopefully you as well! So today we’re going to be talking about the first question which I found on at

How would you describe blogging in one sentence?

This is probably the hardest question. My sentence will need a lot of parenthesis to sum up blogging! It’s amazing, which is all I can muster because I am honestly too speechless to describe it. However, blogging really is much more than that. There’s a whole community that unites people of different religions, countries and cultures. We wouldn’t have found each other without the Internet. It binds us together. One reason why my blog is anonymous is because no-one can judge me by my looks and way of talking and walking (right, OK, I know this is getting pretty cheesy for all of you now but wait, this is a weird blog. It can be whatever it likes).


A photographic little stroll.

Blogging is life-changing: in good ways and bad. You can get to engrossed in your schedule that you don’t go to the park with your mates on a Friday anymore, or procrastinate and leave the big project till ‘tomorrow’ (blog posts linked here and here for more on the ‘tomorrow’ philosophy). But it’s amazingly good because it encourages you to do more, in the best way possible. It’s educating and fun; it’s creativity and limits but it’s ace!


My love for photography, pursued in Minorca.

So my one sentence describing blogging is:

‘It’s educating and fun; it’s creativity and limits but it’s ace!’

Anyway, can you alter that without adding an extra essay? Please leave you sentences below! I’ll be getting back to all of you.

Thank you,

Erin, xx

P.S Sorry that it’s kind of too short… eek!

Get Organised! | Five Easy Steps To Get Your Life Back On Track

Hello Internet!

You all seemed to love my DIY post, so be on the look out as there are more coming! Ever wanted to know how to turn a sock into a cute rabbit? Or a cereal box to a Pygmy Puff? Well, turn your notifications on and stay subscribed!


I’m going to talk today about how I’m coping with my New Year’s resolutions, and some helpful tips how to achieve yours!

  1. Firstly, lists. I write lists on end: to-dos, shopping lists and notes. My life is bullet points so just get started! Plus, if you are a list maker, be sure to gather up all of your lists into one notebook. When you look back, a bit like bullet journalism, you’ll see what you’ve done day-to-day so be sure to note special occasions!
  1. Secondly, time. You must take care of your time, handle it all and think about how long at maximum your tasks will take, so even if you do it quickly there’s no pressure for time! So for me, I’ll have an hour for homework, revision and school; I’ll have 45 minutes to an hour of blogging, etc. Also in your list book, write when you woke up and went to bed, or when you are expected to, to set a time frame.
  1.   After that you’ve got to highlight. Make your list as long as you want as long as you have   colour-coordination. I usually have 2/3 of an A5 page with a list for one day. And then, I’ll go in with my pens and highlight my priorities, what I need to do, and categories. Sometimes I’ll also go a step further and highlight what I need to do to accomplish my New Year’s goals!


  1. Next, tidy your space, and organise! Tidy, sort out, and clean every inch of your bedroom and workspace. However, you must do it in stages! Take it as a project, you won’t organise properly in one day! I find YouTuber Hermione Chantal really helpful for these things so please go and check her out! Her blog is also linked here for further details.
  1. Work hard guys. Work your butt of every day and treat yourself! Obviously don’t go OTT and place an Amazon order every day but what I do is list things I really want to buy, and at the end of each month, I’ll buy it. It’s something to work towards, and you’ll regret not working hard enough later in life. Yes, I know I sound like your mum but just do it! Go, work hard. When you get back, you can bake those cakes you love (and help yourself to some cake mixture!) go on and stop procrastinating, just for a few hours.


And we are done! Go and grab your notebook and start listing! You know have no excuse to be lazy and not be organised.

Thank you so much,

Erin, xx

DIY Glitter Globe |Up-cycle Those Jam Jars!

Hey guys!

Recently I’ve been really ‘DIYing’ my heart out and this amazing, aesthetically pleasing glitter globe is easily made by things you probably have around the house! Your globe is personal to you, you can choose the glitter, the size of jar and the colours, it’s all yours. So ignite you crafty side and get started!

You will need:

  • Clear glue (Glue used for slime making!)
  • Glitter or any waterproof confetti
  • Food colouring
  • Water – the measurements are based on the size of your jar.
  • Mason jar
  • Ribbon to decorate (optional)

All the colours are to your preference and food colouring is advised as clear glue makes the water very grey.

Instructions: (excuse my terrible explanations!)

  1. Firstly, take your jar and fill it 2/3 full of water.
  2. Secondly, add glue bit by bit until you get a consistency that you are happy with; the more glue you add the slower the glitter will fall – mix well.
  3. After that, add your glitter/confetti to the solution, you can go as mad as you like however do not add to much!

4. Next, add your food colouring (make sure it is liquid colouring!) and try to find a corespondent colour with the glitter.

5. Make sure you mix well and carefully and after this you can decide whether you glue on the lid or not, I didn’t as I wanted to fill it up more when I turned it over (lid facing down).

6. I added ribbon to decorate but you can definitely leave it here. You could also add a figurine to the inside of lid to create a real glitter globe effect.

7. Now, shake and enjoy. It is SO aesthetically pleasing!

I put mine alongside my DIY Pygmy Puff (I am a true Potterhead).

Did you enjoy making yours? Make sure to take some photos and send them to me here! DIY posts are something I will try to post monthly as part of my New Year’s goals!

Best glittery wishes from,

Erin, xx

P.S I am very sorry about the quality of some these photos, I know some of them are really over-edited and others really in bad artificial lighting!