The Philosophy of Tomorrow #2


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It’s Saturday afternoon and you have a big science project that is due on Monday. Your teacher told you about it weeks ago, but you saw no reason to get started right away. Now you are getting a little nervous. You only have two days to do the project and you should probably get to work. But where should you begin? There is so much work to do. Maybe a walk in the fresh air would clear your mind.

You had some great ideas on your walk and when you come back inside, you are ready to work. You sit down at your desk. My, your desk certainly looks messy. You would probably work better if it were neat. As you organize your desk, you find a deck of cards. You remember a fun card game that a…

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Paths, And Obstacles


Today I decided to talk about something very deep, but maybe inspirational. After contributing to Lorelei Joy’s magazine issue “A Road To A Treasuring Life” I felt really motivated and took some photos with a lot more meaning.


Your life is a journey, and at some point there will be a destination but you keep on growing and learning every day, no matter what your situation. Everyone has to overcome the obstacles and ride down their route at some point. However, as a bit of advice, always stick up for yourself in the end. Don’t go riding down someone else’s path if it’s stopping you doing what you want to do and want to be. If you want to be a YouTuber, be a YouTuber because everyone has rights to do what they want and speak out.


  • On a path with obstacles, there’s light (or good) at the end.
  • On a clear road, there’s darkness at the end.
  • Sailing down a river, there are bumps and rocks that make the journey less comfortable but you go flying.
  • Where there’s a good day, there’s a bad.
  • “For every cloud, a silver lining.”
  • “After the storm, when the sun shines through eventually, there’s a rainbow.”

My photographs sort of put that message across, if you look carefully there’s meaning.


Thanks for sticking around to the end of this cheesy post!

Erin, xx

QOTD: Which tradition do you carry out every year?