10 Things I’ve Learnt From 2017

Hello Internet!

Firstly, I’m really sorry that I don’t post with a schedule, I know most of you have one but really can’t help my self sometimes. If I have lots that I want to say I will post one after another but if I don’t, I don’t.

I’m editing and posting from my iPad at the moment so sorry for the *bad* quality!

Today I want to talk about 10 things I’ve learnt from 2017. I’ve seen a collaboration on this with 17 things and I’ve learnt a lot but there’s only going to be ten today!

Don’t live in someone else’s shadow.
What I mean by that is don’t live your life for someone else. For example: my boyfriend is on tour and wants me to come with him, even though I won’t be blogging or taking photographs. It’s not his fault, but I’m not doing what I want and sometimes being a bit selfish is helpful. (Only an example though!, it’s actually from ‘Girl Online’ by Zoe Sugg)

2. Always experiment
Can’t find something you’re passionate about? Try different hobbies in your free time and pick five you like, then you’ll find one that you LOVE after enough time.

3. Enjoy
Don’t stand back because you don’t want to be embarrassed (I know what it feels like! Especially with panic attack prone person AKA me!). Just go out there a do what you want, party with your friends even though you’ve had too much food beforehand!

4. Be yourself
I shouldn’t swear on this blog but I believe in this quote by my brothers favourite band ‘Mouses’:
“F*ck gender stereotypes, be who you wanna be.” I wear my brothers old clothes and men’s t-shirts and I don’t care, most of it looks better.

5. You can say ‘no’
But no apology! My mum always says I say ‘sorry’ too much when it isn’t my fault but it is polite! But we have rights to say “NO!” and you shouldn’t let anything pressure you, and if something is going wrong talk to a trusted adult, or a friend who can tell an adult.

6. Feel free to let go
If you need to let go of ‘friends’ that are letting you down or not letting you be who you want or maybe your outgrowing them (that can happen, don’t worry!) then let go, you’re better of without them and it will make you better in the long run. It takes me AGES to pluck up the courage to do so because I feel mean, but it isn’t you, it’s them.

7. Time is just a measurement
Carrying on from no. 6: “It doesn’t matter about who’s been there the longest, it’s about the one’s who came and never left you side.” that’s one of my all time favourite quotes, I have spoken about this before and it’s just so true!

8. You can’t just ‘get on with it.”
Suffer from stage fright? Suffer from anxiety and it’s stopping you from doing what you want?
You can’t just get on with it, it takes time, effort and courage. It’s really hard to face up to your fears and your mental health is one of them. Talk to someone, preferably an adult or counsellor and say everything. Basically, talk AT them and they will help you.

9. New starts aren’t new
The past is always going to come back and haunt you but that’s OK because we can’t forget either, it’s not easy to start again with a growing mind (unless you have a transplant!) and new beginnings are hard so take a while to get it right.

10. You’re not a loser
They’re just jealous.


Sorry that some of these aren’t that motivating! A lot if references to books and quotes here so acknowledgements to the writers and professionals!

Best Christmas wishes and for the new year,
Erin, xx 🎄





2 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve Learnt From 2017

    • Thank you Lorelei! I don’t know whether it was you who did the collab? But that’s where the idea came from so thank you if so!
      I’m going to be really concentrating on my blog next year so I hope to see more of your comments! Thanks again,
      Erin x

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