Cloning Is A Good Idea?

I’m literally in a onesie and drinking hot chocolate whilst writing this! Talking about laid back…

I have a lot fizzing up inside of me at this point in December. I have presents to do (only because I DIY and that takes a lot!) and parties to sort out and general days to plan out. I now have only one day left of school! I have a lot to look forward to after that as well. On the Wednesday (20th of December) I am seeing The Last Jedi AKA the new Star Wars film! I’m such a kid and SO excited it’s definitely two hours and a half worth watching according to the lucky kids who have already seen it.
And I’m aware that I said TWO and a half hours…

In the new year I’m considering being pescatarian (Basically and vegetarian who still eats fish.) because I will not live without salmon! Haha, and please tell me your ideas down below, I know that some of you are vegetarian so please tell me what drove you to that.

Next subject, today in s-c-h-o-o-l me and my pals were talking to our favourite teacher at lunch, we weren’t in detention or anything it’s just that we are so sad we speak to our English teacher in free time! She’s so nice and I’m grateful that I have some awesome teachers! We were all talking about embarrassing stories and if we cloned are selves the story I shared was one when I was a toddler and I hugged a mans leg in public because I thought he was my mum! I can’t contain my laughter! 😂

I’m not going to go in to detail for very good reasons! And cloning…

Think about people that would love to have a clone of themselves to do their chores, go to school or university for them whilst you could lay about doing nothing. To me, it actually sounds horrid because you aren’t going to expand your knowledge, your clone won’t tell you everything she/he learnt in detail like the teacher. You will be better of doing all the chores, learning about stuff simply just like that. Our modern technology can now help us clone each other but we have to have them grow up from the start again. How could you bring up yourself? It won’t have the same influences that you had as you grew up. It will be completely different to you. Your clone would have to learn so, so much and you’re unique and nothing can replicate your body, mind, influence not even and identical clone.

Thank you for listening to my constant ramble of things and very drastic change of subjects but, that’s a weirdo for you! 😜😂

Best Christmas wishes if I don’t post before,
Erin, xx



4 thoughts on “Cloning Is A Good Idea?

  1. I’ve tried both pescatarian and vegetarian diet but I can never stick to them whilst I’m living under my Mum’s roof because she loves meat. I’ll do it again when I’m in University though, preferably pescetarian because I do love seafood. As for the cloning, I think it would be so much better if their contain half your personality and stuff in another body so they would know how to already interact and behave. So if they go to school, the other half can stay at home. Then when the other half returns, you combine again and every experiences, conversations and knowledge that each half gains will be remembered when both bodies join up again. Hahaha, that was complicated!! Anyway, great post girly xx

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