New Years Resolutions (How To Achieve Them In Four Steps!)

Hello Internet!

New year is a new beginning and most of you will be writing up resolutions and thinking, “achieve, achieve, achieve!”.

We can all relate to not succeeding in resolutions, especially the chocolate one! So here is how to set goals for the new year and not add on stress AND as a bonus you will probably achieve most of your goals!

Before we begin I would like to tell you my three goals for the new year:

  • To workout every day
  • Focus on my top three talents
  • Self-motivation

Here’s the helpful post you have all been waiting for…

Here’s for tip number one:

Set only three goals and think about how important they are and even if you write fifteen down and start cancelling of the less-important then that is a still okay! Make sure they are solvable in one year though, don’t put pressure on to cram loads in!

Number two:

Break the three goals down into ten sections each; you could probably do five for what you can do to achieve them and five on how to easily work it into your daily routine.


Pick one of the ten sections for every two (or one) days and repeat this step until you get to the end of the month, then year.

Idea number four to solve those resolutions:

Keep a planner or notebook of how many you achieved in a week and then look back on it to see how far you’ve got and what you can repeat!

Carry on this timetable for the rest of the year until your resolutions and steps come into your daily routine and you hardly think about doing them because it happens so naturally!

I hope you found this helpful and I am truly sorry that this is very rushed but there is so much pressure on this month!

I would love to know your three resolutions and how you are going to achieve them via email or down in the comments!

Erin, xx

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6 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions (How To Achieve Them In Four Steps!)

  1. ooOooOoo good tips!!!! My three main goals (that I can think of right now) are taking better and more detailed notes, being more committed and to start saving for future uses.
    Ljoy xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, I love that this may of helped you in some way! Your resolutions are really good ideas! Hope you achieve them. I have also emailed you my article so far, just to update you. Sorry that I’ve sent multiple!
      Thank you,
      Erin, xx

      Liked by 2 people

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