A Little Ramble of Things

Wow, I have finally reached 10 followers. Crazy right? Such a weird and random blogger and ten people like me (well, my content).

I’ve been blogging for less than a year so maybe ten followers is an achievement? Please tell me your stories of when you just started out blogging (if you have any!).

So, when I posted those photos of Minorca some of you fell in love and one of you said: “You have an eye for photography.” which I am really grateful for as I love taking photos. I don’t really post photos much here because I have OCD and everything has to be perfect before it’s published. Usually blog posts hang around in Pages (which is where I write my blog from before copy and pasting in to WordPress and editing etc.) for days, sometimes even weeks before I can say to myself that they are perfect.

Here I present you with Erin, a whovian girl who DOES NOT want to grow up. She’s crazy, she’s clever but she mostly just like you, (surprisingly).

For once I have not waited for this to be rated 5 stars, I’ve just published straight on, hope you like it.

In my next post I’ll be posting about new year’s goals and how to not put pressure on yourself when setting resolutions! So please be on lookout for that!

So, what are your stories of starting a blog? And are there any questions you’s like me to answer?

Please write them down below,

Erin, xx


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