My Getaway To Menorca


Hello Internet!

It’s been so long since my little getaway to Menorca but I just go so swept up in other subjects that it’s just taken so long! I really enjoyed having time with my family and chilling out, it was just what I needed.

Also please ask any questions down below so I can do a Q and A in my next post! Also, if you would like to email me please click here.

Sorry that I’ve not been uploading regularly as well, I’m having the most stressful month, (with Christmas and all that) but I am trying guys!

From only the very weird,

Erin, xx

10 thoughts on “My Getaway To Menorca

  1. Beautiful photos (lowkey almost typed potatoes welp)! Okay here are a couple of questions 1) how do you want to improve yourself in the upcoming year? 2) What is your greatest achievement outside of blogging?
    Ljoy x

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    • Hello wonderful! My time time there was more beautiful than the photos (potatoes). Next year I would like to improve my routines (and more details in the Q and A). My greatest achievement is a dodgy one but please be on the lookout for my next post!
      Thank you for all the support and sorry for the essay of a comment,
      Erin, xx

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