Winter School Morning Routine

Hello guys!

Today I thought I’d do something pretty original, but very old. I love watching these on YouTube and reading them, on blogs. So here’s my Winter School Morning Routine 2017. I know it’s kind of weird to one of these for a winter school day but as the nights draw in a lot, the mornings are dark and sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t wake up because it’s too early but really it’s not and just getting me into an unhealthy lifestyle, does anyone feel the same way?

  1. I wake up

Usually my alarm goes off at 6:00am. To help me to actually get up I’ll put it on the other side of the room so I have to get out of bed to switch it off. Usually my alarm is a song (At the moment it’s Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran) and I wait for the song to go off and then I switch it off before the repeat.

2)  I freshen up

After my alarm has gone off and I’ve taken a sip of water from my bedside table, I’ll go into the bathroom and run myself a warm sink of water. At the moment I’m using Creightons Charcoal scrub to wash my face. I love this face wash and it really helps clean my face and a wash in the morning just freshens me up a little.

3)  Get dressed

I always get changed before breakfast on school days. I wear uniform for school still so I usually change into that and spritz on body mist of some kind or other.

4)  Have breakfast

Most of the time while watching the news in the kitchen I’ll have the following for my morning breakfast: water, cereal (Usually bran flakes) and some fruit. Sound healthy? I don’t know why either…

5)  Do my hair

I’ll go back up to my room take my hair out of the messy bun from last night and style it, simply into French or Dutch braids.

6)  Check my bag

It’s pretty much all sorted from the night before but any loose sheets that still aren’t in my bag I’ll put in my little paper folder and I’ll also add my packed lunch.

7)  Feed my pets then head out the door

Pretty much all it says there. Check on pets and feed them, grab my bag and head out the door!

Sorry I’ve been inactive for a while and that this post is very much rushed. I have quite a hectic life right now but I think I’ll try and get back to the weekly posts.

Love you all (more than food, actually),

Erin, x

P.S A blog I’ve been really enjoying at the moment is Esmee her blog link is here. I really recommend her!

6 thoughts on “Winter School Morning Routine

  1. We have a similar routine except I’m always rushing in the morning because I’m late hahaha. Idk why either because I get up at 7 and so I have at least an hour and a half to get ready!
    Ljoy x

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