Your Personal Bubble


Disclaimer: sorry, I can’t check up on emails at the moment because my brother is gaming (Ugh… again!). Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you guys, it’s just that boy downstairs.

So, last night I had this really great idea for a post but it was 23:00 and I am trying to get early nights but…fail. Even though today I’ve even set an alarm to go to bed! Talking about great expectations!

Back to the subject. I had a really great idea for a post, but, due to natural causes I FORGOT THE NEXT DAY. Although, today, I managed to get some sense back in to them (very few) brain cells I have. I think it went somewhere along the lines of this: (official start)

Hello Internet! (Or any other accompaniments!)

When I think of bubbles, I don’t really think of little safe places around you. I more think of Fairy Liquid (If you don’t know what that is it’s washing-up liquid, as a call it.) and water, mixing it together and getting out a bubble wand, dipping into your solution and waving it around – oh happy childhood memories!

One of my friends used to use the term bubble as a bit of space around her. She gave her closest friends permission to come inside her bubble (I don’t want to brag here either, but I was, and still am one of her closest friends, and as her to me.) what we would do is hold our finger in front of us, pop the bubble and come inside, the she’d “create one” again.

At the time, it was a fun idea but now I am older – ‘fraid to say – and more mature (also a disappointment) I really like the idea of having a personal bubble around you, full of things you love and really like. On that note my bubble is full of sketch pads, paints, books and notebooks and, of course, my laptop, were my writing takes place.

Your bubble at times, can be full of sadness, anxieties and sorrows. At other times however they can be full of joy, happiness, love and excitement. I don’t want to sound cringy and cheesy. But, as a matter of fact, I am quite. Your bubble should be referred to as your ‘safe place’ and full of things you love. And if you give the key to someone, who then uses it to steal, think “can I trust this friend?” and if he/she is and old friend and you don’t want to loose them, use this quote as reference. Also, I’m not trying to encourage any fights here either, sorry if it sounds like that.

“It’s not about the friends who have been there for the longest, it’s for the ones who came and never left you side” – Unknown.

Last year I made a friend, and she’s ever left me. The friend I’ve referred to who told me all about this whole bubble thing I met in Year 3. And one of my friends, who may be reading this, has been here from the start, and never left my side, (Good evening, Bubba G. How lovely to see you.) apart from the occasional fall-outs we’ve always been BFFLs, and there’s nothing stopping that.

Love from the cringey, cheesy weirdo,

Erin, x

3 thoughts on “Your Personal Bubble

  1. WOAH!! I really f*cking love this (soz for the f bomb, just didn’t know how else I can express my love for this haha). I’m glad, we started talking, even though we’ve only been in contact for a short amount of time, because you sound like a really good friend to have around❣️
    Ljoy x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww! Thank you! I really mean it and it’s so much appreciated! Aww, I think I’ve found a good friend in you too, (if that was what you meant.) Thanks again!
      I can’t contain just how lovely you are, gal!
      Erin, x

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