Hello there, internet!

Last night when I published my post about ‘The Truth’ I was really conscious of what people would say. I was on the verge of deleting it but then, an online friend of mine commented, and I thought, ‘this one is where my blog goes downhill’ but, unexpectedly, she was really nice and the words ‘phew’ and ‘thank goodness’ rolled out on to my keyboard (not literally, that would be weirder than me!)

So, all I want to say is that sometimes the online world can be cruel and we should shut it down and say ‘don’t put the online world before the real one’ but sometimes we don’t have to, and your motivation and relaxation comes from it. As well as being weird, I must also be very nice and supportive of people aren’t accusing me and bullying me (apart for some, yeah, I’ve dealt with online bullying before…).

I, basically, think all of you are amazing and can be whatever you want, I know you all have the potential. I want to be an artist or author, I’ll write extracts of my books that I’m writing the ‘books’ category of this lovely blog.

Thank you for putting up with all of my rambling,

Erin, x

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