Winter School Morning Routine

Hello guys!

Today I thought I’d do something pretty original, but very old. I love watching these on YouTube and reading them, on blogs. So here’s my Winter School Morning Routine 2017. I know it’s kind of weird to one of these for a winter school day but as the nights draw in a lot, the mornings are dark and sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t wake up because it’s too early but really it’s not and just getting me into an unhealthy lifestyle, does anyone feel the same way?

  1. I wake up

Usually my alarm goes off at 6:00am. To help me to actually get up I’ll put it on the other side of the room so I have to get out of bed to switch it off. Usually my alarm is a song (At the moment it’s Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran) and I wait for the song to go off and then I switch it off before the repeat.

2)  I freshen up

After my alarm has gone off and I’ve taken a sip of water from my bedside table, I’ll go into the bathroom and run myself a warm sink of water. At the moment I’m using Creightons Charcoal scrub to wash my face. I love this face wash and it really helps clean my face and a wash in the morning just freshens me up a little.

3)  Get dressed

I always get changed before breakfast on school days. I wear uniform for school still so I usually change into that and spritz on body mist of some kind or other.

4)  Have breakfast

Most of the time while watching the news in the kitchen I’ll have the following for my morning breakfast: water, cereal (Usually bran flakes) and some fruit. Sound healthy? I don’t know why either…

5)  Do my hair

I’ll go back up to my room take my hair out of the messy bun from last night and style it, simply into French or Dutch braids.

6)  Check my bag

It’s pretty much all sorted from the night before but any loose sheets that still aren’t in my bag I’ll put in my little paper folder and I’ll also add my packed lunch.

7)  Feed my pets then head out the door

Pretty much all it says there. Check on pets and feed them, grab my bag and head out the door!

Sorry I’ve been inactive for a while and that this post is very much rushed. I have quite a hectic life right now but I think I’ll try and get back to the weekly posts.

Love you all (more than food, actually),

Erin, x

P.S A blog I’ve been really enjoying at the moment is Esmee her blog link is here. I really recommend her!

The Philosophy of Tomorrow #2

Hello Internet! (For ‘The Philosophy of Tomorrow #1″ please click here)

It’s Saturday afternoon and you have a big science project that is due on Monday. Your teacher told you about it weeks ago, but you saw no reason to get started right away. Now you are getting a little nervous. You only have two days to do the project and you should probably get to work. But where should you begin? There is so much work to do. Maybe a walk in the fresh air would clear your mind.

You had some great ideas on your walk and when you come back inside, you are ready to work. You sit down at your desk. My, your desk certainly looks messy. You would probably work better if it were neat. As you organize your desk, you find a deck of cards. You remember a fun card game that a friend taught you. Maybe you could teach the game to your little brother. He sure would like the game; besides, spending time with your family is important. Your project can wait a few more hours.

Now it’s Sunday night and you have not even begun your project. You are seriously worried. How did this happen? If you had only begun working on the project when it was assigned! Then you would be relaxing instead of rushing to do three weeks’ worth of work in a few short hours. Why did you put off doing it for so long?

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, then you are guilty of procrastinating—that is, putting off doing something even though you know that it is important. We have all done this at some point in our lives. In fact, Dr. Piers Steel, a professor at the University of Calgary, found in his research that 95% of people have procrastinated at least once. Most of us know that it is a bad habit, but we do it anyway. Why is that?

Some psychologists blame procrastination on something called the pleasure principle. The pleasure principle is a simple idea: human beings are more likely to choose to do something fun or enjoyable instead of something difficult, painful, or boring, even if this choice is bad for us. This is why most people would rather play video games than clean the bathroom. The problem, of course, is the bathroom needs to get cleaned. Putting off cleaning will only make your bathroom dirtier in the long run.

Procrastinating is giving in to the pleasure principle. Instead of doing something dull or difficult, we choose to do something fun. It is choosing instant gratification over delayed gratification. Instant gratification occurs when you get to enjoy something right away; conversely, delayed gratification requires a person to wait until the enjoyment can happen. Instant gratification may be immediately rewarding, but it is not always the best choice. For example, imagine that you are hungry. In your kitchen, you have both a bag of chips and all of the ingredients to make a delicious, healthy sandwich. The sandwich is better for you, will keep you full longer, and it even tastes better. But it will take time to make the sandwich. You will have to get out the bread, slice the ingredients, put the sandwich together, and then clean up after yourself when you are done. On the other hand, you can just open up the bag of chips, stuff them into your face, and then throw out the empty bag. Which should you choose? Choosing the bag of chips would be an example of instant gratification; your hunger gets satisfied immediately with minimal effort on your part. Choosing the sandwich would be an example of delayed gratification; you have to do work and wait a few minutes before you get to eat.

Of course, procrastination is not the worst crime in the world. However, procrastinating too much can have some seriously negative consequences. Even if you tell yourself that you “work best under pressure,” this is almost certainly not the case. A project that you have spent weeks working on will be much better than one you do in two hours the night before it is due. Procrastinating not only makes your work suffer, it can also be bad for you. Procrastinating can cause stress, anxiety, and feelings of guilt. Furthermore, if you procrastinate so much that you do not actually get your work done, then you are likely to suffer consequences.

If procrastination is a problem for you, there are some things that you can do to help. When author Herman Melville struggled to finish his great novel Moby Dick, he reportedly had his wife chain him to his desk. If this sounds a bit extreme to you, there are a few easier ways that you can help yourself stay on task. Are you putting off your project because it seems overwhelming or too difficult? Try breaking it down into smaller tasks. For example, if you have to clean your room, you could start by just organizing your closet. Once your closet is organised, then you can move on to the clutter on your desk. You could also start by doing the hardest part first—once that is out of the way, the rest will seem easy. If you procrastinate because you are easily distracted, try working in an environment that helps you stay focused. Find a place where there are no televisions. Turn your phone off. If you need your computer to do your work, download software that will temporarily block websites that distract you.

Perhaps the best way to beat procrastination is the simplest way: just get started. You may find that once you have spent a few minutes working, you will find yourself focused on your task. It may not work for you, but it cannot hurt to try. After all, you have nothing to lose but a bad habit!

Erin, x

P.S Do you realise how much research it took to write this? I don’t think you do. But it probabaly took up most of the time I was supposed to be doing homework.

Your Personal Bubble


Disclaimer: sorry, I can’t check up on emails at the moment because my brother is gaming (Ugh… again!). Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you guys, it’s just that boy downstairs.

So, last night I had this really great idea for a post but it was 23:00 and I am trying to get early nights but…fail. Even though today I’ve even set an alarm to go to bed! Talking about great expectations!

Back to the subject. I had a really great idea for a post, but, due to natural causes I FORGOT THE NEXT DAY. Although, today, I managed to get some sense back in to them (very few) brain cells I have. I think it went somewhere along the lines of this: (official start)

Hello Internet! (Or any other accompaniments!)

When I think of bubbles, I don’t really think of little safe places around you. I more think of Fairy Liquid (If you don’t know what that is it’s washing-up liquid, as a call it.) and water, mixing it together and getting out a bubble wand, dipping into your solution and waving it around – oh happy childhood memories!

One of my friends used to use the term bubble as a bit of space around her. She gave her closest friends permission to come inside her bubble (I don’t want to brag here either, but I was, and still am one of her closest friends, and as her to me.) what we would do is hold our finger in front of us, pop the bubble and come inside, the she’d “create one” again.

At the time, it was a fun idea but now I am older – ‘fraid to say – and more mature (also a disappointment) I really like the idea of having a personal bubble around you, full of things you love and really like. On that note my bubble is full of sketch pads, paints, books and notebooks and, of course, my laptop, were my writing takes place.

Your bubble at times, can be full of sadness, anxieties and sorrows. At other times however they can be full of joy, happiness, love and excitement. I don’t want to sound cringy and cheesy. But, as a matter of fact, I am quite. Your bubble should be referred to as your ‘safe place’ and full of things you love. And if you give the key to someone, who then uses it to steal, think “can I trust this friend?” and if he/she is and old friend and you don’t want to loose them, use this quote as reference. Also, I’m not trying to encourage any fights here either, sorry if it sounds like that.

“It’s not about the friends who have been there for the longest, it’s for the ones who came and never left you side” – Unknown.

Last year I made a friend, and she’s ever left me. The friend I’ve referred to who told me all about this whole bubble thing I met in Year 3. And one of my friends, who may be reading this, has been here from the start, and never left my side, (Good evening, Bubba G. How lovely to see you.) apart from the occasional fall-outs we’ve always been BFFLs, and there’s nothing stopping that.

Love from the cringey, cheesy weirdo,

Erin, x


Hello there, internet!

Last night when I published my post about ‘The Truth’ I was really conscious of what people would say. I was on the verge of deleting it but then, an online friend of mine commented, and I thought, ‘this one is where my blog goes downhill’ but, unexpectedly, she was really nice and the words ‘phew’ and ‘thank goodness’ rolled out on to my keyboard (not literally, that would be weirder than me!)

So, all I want to say is that sometimes the online world can be cruel and we should shut it down and say ‘don’t put the online world before the real one’ but sometimes we don’t have to, and your motivation and relaxation comes from it. As well as being weird, I must also be very nice and supportive of people aren’t accusing me and bullying me (apart for some, yeah, I’ve dealt with online bullying before…).

I, basically, think all of you are amazing and can be whatever you want, I know you all have the potential. I want to be an artist or author, I’ll write extracts of my books that I’m writing the ‘books’ category of this lovely blog.

Thank you for putting up with all of my rambling,

Erin, x

The Truth (and advice on tidying your room)

Hello people of the earth!

The other day I was sorting out my room, you know, the massive sort of one where every item comes out of your room and the aftermath is usually a huge pile of clutter (aka junk). And I was realising how much stuff I hold on to for sentimental value or for no reason at all. Also the other day, I was listening to the radio and a lady was talking about what you need and what you don’t. She said: ‘hold up the item in front of you, look at it for a while and think, “Does it spark joy?” and if it doesn’t, there’s no reason you should be keeping it at all.” This is probably why I have three bin bags of stuff ready to sell or take the charity shop at the moment (but there’s still a couple of small piles to sort through though.). Also, a tactic to sort the aftermath is to sort it into categories. Mine are usually: books, crafts, stationary, papers (to be then sorted into my box file), clothes, cosmetics and ornaments.

And also, I’d like to tell you something else, more personal. When I started this blog I just wanted to be myself and post what I want, but then I realised how cruel the online world could be. So, I altered my name a bit, making me not me so people would judge my name or my age. So, Jade isn’t my real name, my real name is Catherine. Catherine Jane. I changed it to changed it to Jade online because I loved the idea of the name and I was trying to make excuses the other day that I changed it because it sounded like Jane but, nah, it doesn’t. My mum calls me Kitty so that’s where that came from. I don’t really want to confuse you anymore but I like to shorten it to Erin, so that’s how I’ll be ending this post. And from now on I’m not going to pretend to be someone else. I’m going to be me.

Thanks for all the support on this blog, and everywhere else.

Erin, Xx