Advice: Anxiety.

Hi, everyone! I get so many emails asking me for tips on anxiety and as someone who suffers, I found these useful too. So, before you start reading, remember your favourite chocolate biscuits aren’t that far away. Grab one!

1. Take a day to just relax. No revision and no social media. Have a day to just think things through and if you’re an over-thinker, have someone who is close with you to be there for you to try and calm you down. I’ve had these days before with my best friend and you feel so much better afterwards. Make sure for it not to extend to two days otherwise you’ll get in a routine and it’s not healthy, trust me.
2. Go outside and take a walk. Just look at the things around you and you will see the beauty in it.
3. Don’t blame yourself. Your anxiety doesn’t define who you are, don’t even start to think it.
4. Get enough sleep. Have an early night and I promise you, you will feel as fresh as a daisy the next day.
5. Avoid caffeine. I drink (drunk, now I reach for water every morning) coffee and that’s probably the worst thing to drink for anxiety because it makes it worse, try to get it out of your system.
6. Talk about it with whoever you need, I’m always here. And to email me please click here.
Also, main tip is to stop looking at this screen. Whether you’ve found out via your phone or your laptop. It’s best to take a break. Honestly, I don’t know why you’re still reading this! Go o a walk.
And, if you’ve still kept reading,
Hugs from Jade, Xx

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