What The Internet Thinks Of Me.

Here’s what the internet think me as:

“Others see you as a light-hearted person who always goes with the flow. You have the ability to make others feel calm and relaxed without much effort. Your presence even tends to comfort strangers. Good job, my zen friend! But you’re not like most of the others. There is something about you that just doesn’t fit quite right with the rest of the humans. You weren’t meant to be born a human. Your fate was changed.. But why? Do some digging, you need to find out the truth.”

Hmm, maybe I’m a Timelord after all? Please can some of my friend IRL tell me in the comments whether they think this is true!

Sorry this is a short post but I just wanna get this out there!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Jade, Xx

4 thoughts on “What The Internet Thinks Of Me.

    • Hmm, yes, ‘curious very curious.’ XD, at least I know you’re not to confident that I’m a Timelord. Why, might you ask? Because then I truly am one. Not human, like my brother has always said… XD


  1. No.1 I think you are definitely a Timelord. Also, why don’t you post some pictures of what your are doing? i think people who are not as local as we are (if you get what I mean) could really find out what the old ‘Jade’ is up to? P.S it doesn’t have to be pictures of yourself (for anonymity reasons) just what you are doing/eating, like cake or something.

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    • I’m trying to download these photos of me flying a kite. (How am I supposed to make a post of that?) But yeah, I’ll take it into consideration. Maybe you could come round mine and we could take some photos of, IDK…

      Please make some suggestions!


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