Fears of… Dolls?

Hello readers!

Thank you so much for the replies on the last post. You guys seem to like that sort of thing! (Yay!) Because today I’m putting another one out there.

Fears of… Dolls?

You know them creepy old-fashioned dolls? Yeah, well I have a big fear of them. Until I watched a video called: ‘Alma’ and from there I was afraid of them all.

You wouldn’t think it but they’re quite horrific and being a fan of horror movies doesn’t help. When I was younger I had all the dolls you could ask for: Barbies, Polly Pockets, Action Men, Our Generation ones and Baby Born. I loved them, I treated them like my children (Yeah, cringy and weird. Why am I sharing this? Umm, Jade, you have some serious problems…). I loved dolls but as I got older I started getting in to Star Wars action figures more. So they went to the charity shop. (BTW Doctor Who has been in my life since I was two, I’ve always loved it.) I then went on to watching horror movies instead of adventure ones and that’s where my fear came in.

I already know that some of readers have a fear of them, but if you have not yet told me I’d loved to see your replies!

Halloween isn’t actually too far away now! I have an excuse for early pumpkin carving! (At last… XD)

Jade, Xx

P.S WARNING: I’m not advising you to search creepy dolls into any search engine. LOL!

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