Fears Of… Dogs?

Hello Internet!

No-one has yet said what I should “call you” so you’ll be seeing ‘Hello Internet’ quite a lot.

Today I thought I’d talk about something that is really out of subject. But here we go:

When I was little I was afraid of dogs. I can’t really explain why though. Some people have a fear for them because they were aggressively bitten or they witnessed someone else being similarly attacked. But from a young age nothing like that had happened to me and it never has till this day. I have overcome it but why did it happen in the first place?

Not so long ago in the galaxy you are in right now I had to go to my mum’s friend’s houses a lot. They all had dogs.

I don’t know whether it’s maybe because I have gotten older but I was really scared. I lifted my legs up when it brushed past the sofa. I hid behind my mum or dad if it came near and I was standing up. I had this fear for no reason, it just occurred. And why I’m blogging about this is because of this website with extracts of stories that you do comprehension questions on (I hate comprehension!).

I found a particular passage called ‘Meeting Cookie’. It had this really cute pug on and, well, signals to read it! It was a first hand diary entry about fearing dogs and overcoming it and her opportunity to overcome it. And that she took it.

So yeah. A little post for you all.

I hope someone will come across this and write there opinions and stories in the comments below.


Jade, Xx

6 thoughts on “Fears Of… Dogs?

  1. I’m totally afraid of dogs too. I was always wary of them but my fear solidified when I was chased down and almost bitten by a security dog in my friends house!! Ever since then, if I see a dog I tense up and walk straight the other way. I can’t imagine ever owning a dog as a pet now. lol but I love cats though! Lovely post! 💕💕

    Pearl || http://thepearlylife.com

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