I took a Harry Potter quiz, and it was called: what female Harry Potter character are you and, my out come was… Hermoine Granger! The description was: You are definitely the brightest witch your age. You are mature beyond your years and are easily the smartest person we know. You are also a devoted friend who isn’t afraid to stand up to what’s right. And I’m like, THANK YOU SO MUCH PLAYBUZZ!

It would be awesome to find out which female Harry Potter character you are too!

I also took a second quiz (also on PlayBuzz) called: pick a perfect morning and we’ll see which Disney princess you are and I was… Mulan! This description was very short and said: You are a brave trendsetter who doesn’t care what others think of you. It may be hard to live this way for the time being but it will all be rewarded soon. And I thought: ‘woah, that’s pretty deep for the internet’ but it could be something to do with the film? I’ve never watched so, I don’t know!

And thirdly:

This quiz had a very funny answer, it was called: what should your name really be? And, ha, ha! The answer was: Your name should actually be Jade! You are one tough cookie and you are never afraid to get your hands dirty! You have also been through a lot of hardships in your life but you’ve managed! And, out of your group of friends, you are always the one to try things first. Just please take a minute…

So yeah, please tell me in the comments down below if you took these quizzes and I would love to know your answer too!

Love from Jade, Xx

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