Fears of… Dolls?

Hello readers!

Thank you so much for the replies on the last post. You guys seem to like that sort of thing! (Yay!) Because today I’m putting another one out there.

Fears of… Dolls?

You know them creepy old-fashioned dolls? Yeah, well I have a big fear of them. Until I watched a video called: ‘Alma’ and from there I was afraid of them all.

You wouldn’t think it but they’re quite horrific and being a fan of horror movies doesn’t help. When I was younger I had all the dolls you could ask for: Barbies, Polly Pockets, Action Men, Our Generation ones and Baby Born. I loved them, I treated them like my children (Yeah, cringy and weird. Why am I sharing this? Umm, Jade, you have some serious problems…). I loved dolls but as I got older I started getting in to Star Wars action figures more. So they went to the charity shop. (BTW Doctor Who has been in my life since I was two, I’ve always loved it.) I then went on to watching horror movies instead of adventure ones and that’s where my fear came in.

I already know that some of readers have a fear of them, but if you have not yet told me I’d loved to see your replies!

Halloween isn’t actually too far away now! I have an excuse for early pumpkin carving! (At last… XD)

Jade, Xx

P.S WARNING: I’m not advising you to search creepy dolls into any search engine. LOL!

Fears Of… Dogs?

Hello Internet!

No-one has yet said what I should “call you” so you’ll be seeing ‘Hello Internet’ quite a lot.

Today I thought I’d talk about something that is really out of subject. But here we go:

When I was little I was afraid of dogs. I can’t really explain why though. Some people have a fear for them because they were aggressively bitten or they witnessed someone else being similarly attacked. But from a young age nothing like that had happened to me and it never has till this day. I have overcome it but why did it happen in the first place?

Not so long ago in the galaxy you are in right now I had to go to my mum’s friend’s houses a lot. They all had dogs.

I don’t know whether it’s maybe because I have gotten older but I was really scared. I lifted my legs up when it brushed past the sofa. I hid behind my mum or dad if it came near and I was standing up. I had this fear for no reason, it just occurred. And why I’m blogging about this is because of this website with extracts of stories that you do comprehension questions on (I hate comprehension!).

I found a particular passage called ‘Meeting Cookie’. It had this really cute pug on and, well, signals to read it! It was a first hand diary entry about fearing dogs and overcoming it and her opportunity to overcome it. And that she took it.

So yeah. A little post for you all.

I hope someone will come across this and write there opinions and stories in the comments below.


Jade, Xx

Hello World! #2

Hello World!

As you may have seen I have started to post on a more regular basis, every one to two days. I don’t have a schedule but you’ll be seeing more posts uploading every two days or so. At the most it will be five times a week but I don’t want to push myself so I’m starting at two and I’ll gradually work up to four in the next two weeks.

This is by far the shortest post ever but I like to notify you! And I also like notifying you if I don’t feel to good, like, ill, basically. So that’s also what this is. I really don’t feel well guys, but hopefully I can back to studying tomorrow.

And, what should I ‘call you’? Like how that creepy app called ‘My Angela’ says: ‘hey lil’ kitties!’. You know, that sort of thing.

Please tell me in the comments below,

The best from,

Jade, Xx

Weird, Random Stuff

Hello Internet!

I was just thinking about weird, random stuff, that I want you to know.

Social media detox and putting yourself forward.

Siri is a teenager, think about it. He can’t be used when he’s not connected to Wi-Fi, and when he is he’s not the best anyways. Most teenage girls (And boys) feel like they can’t do anything without Wi-Fi but you can, I can! Take a few weeks away from social media and your phone, iPad, iPod even. You’ll start doing more. Riding, walking, start running again and you’ll feel motivated, you might even start a new hobby! I’m boring so at the moment I’m knitting myself fingerless gloves, but, who new! It’s pretty easy and I’ve taken up this hobby in the blink of an eye. But first, you need a well earned treat. A bath. A bath is all I need to relax, chuck in some bath bombs (Preferably from Lush), light a few candles, get out your favourite products and YOU DESERVE IT! I did this a few days ago and it’s the best thing for you really. And the next day I went out on my bike cycling, came back and had a shower, went back out again for a walk and at the end of the day I didn’t touch my phone, or iPad (And not for the day after either!) I didn’t need to. Sometimes you need to be a bit selfish when you are smothered by your anxieties and washed with your stress. Put YOU first.

That’s really all I need to say. And thank you for reading this post, y’all mean the world.

All the best, Jade, Xx


I took a Harry Potter quiz, and it was called: what female Harry Potter character are you and, my out come was… Hermoine Granger! The description was: You are definitely the brightest witch your age. You are mature beyond your years and are easily the smartest person we know. You are also a devoted friend who isn’t afraid to stand up to what’s right. And I’m like, THANK YOU SO MUCH PLAYBUZZ!

It would be awesome to find out which female Harry Potter character you are too!

I also took a second quiz (also on PlayBuzz) called: pick a perfect morning and we’ll see which Disney princess you are and I was… Mulan! This description was very short and said: You are a brave trendsetter who doesn’t care what others think of you. It may be hard to live this way for the time being but it will all be rewarded soon. And I thought: ‘woah, that’s pretty deep for the internet’ but it could be something to do with the film? I’ve never watched so, I don’t know!

And thirdly:

This quiz had a very funny answer, it was called: what should your name really be? And, ha, ha! The answer was: Your name should actually be Jade! You are one tough cookie and you are never afraid to get your hands dirty! You have also been through a lot of hardships in your life but you’ve managed! And, out of your group of friends, you are always the one to try things first. Just please take a minute…

So yeah, please tell me in the comments down below if you took these quizzes and I would love to know your answer too!

Love from Jade, Xx