It’s The Holidays! Pt. 2


I told you that I’d keep you updated on my holiday… so here’s part two! And with many requests, I’m adding photos into this post.

So, last week I went up to Scotland with my mum, dad and brother. Although we didn’t go up to Scotland all in one go. Four hours north, we stopped at Durham for a night in a Premier Inn but we had to have most of the day sight-seeing in the wonderful town, (And shopping, I’ll list the prices of what i bought at the end of this post) we looked around the cathedral and, yes, mostly the shops. We ate out for tea in a great Spanish restaurant. (I’ve forgotten the name, but not the food.) I had Tortilla, a Spanish omelette made of potato and onion. IT WAS SO GOOD!

We looked in Smiggle (My mum bought me the pencil case I want for b-day), an art shop, a shoe shop, Warhammer and random clothes shops, like Jack Wills.

We then headed back to the Premier Inn, most of the way back was on the bus and we then unpacked my dad’s holdall, it had everything in it that we needed for one night, got in our PJ’s and watched athletics before falling asleep.

The next day I showered, ate breakfast and we got back in the car and drove up to Lower Newton.

Hey you, yes you, grab a biscuit and a glass water just now, this may take a while.

Once at Lower Newton camping and caravan park we put up the tent and walked to the beach! I was guilty of eating a huge ice-cream… sorry! The beach was so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so nice. We walked the length of it barefoot (but my Dad) and it took a long time to reach the small town on the other side. We walked to the town because I felt like a lemonade, Dad felt like a beer and my brother wanted crisps.

So we walked back to the campsite on mainland as the tide was pulling in, but there was a giant sand hill thing and it was MASSIVE and very, very (Let’s just say very, very, very, very, very.) steep. But we managed to climb it! Even though is was just soft sand…

Let’s skip the night, the next day and the other night because nothing really happened but me buying a few things for ma’ friends. Here are some pictures of Lower Newton and the close area:

And… guess what? We were back in the car again driving up to Scotland.

We camped get again in Scotland but we didn’t need to set up a tent, no. We were staying in these things called Wig-wams. Basically, wooden version of tents.

On the first day we went straight to bed. On the second day we went up to Edinburgh and that’s where I bought A LOT. A sketchpad, a notebook… Oh yeah, that was it. I spent the rest in the town we were camping in.

So, you probably have guessed it. On the third day I went spent my money in the little town we camped in. I bought two books.

The first was called Murder In Midwinter,

when Maya takes a photo from the top of a bus, she has no idea of the trouble it would cause. She was taking a photo of a bright shop display for her sister before realising a couple in front of the shop look like they want to kill each other, and when Maya’s flash goes off the look like they want to kill her too…”

I’ve read it all now. It’s such a good book! And the second book was called Eliza Rose, a book about a girl in the tudors, who’s father chose her husband when she was only twelve but then something happens to Eliza a month before her wedding…

I also got some cards for my friends… Christmas ones. I know that’s a bit to far away. My mum also bought me a book called Rebel Of The Sands, yet again for my birthday.

Prices for the things I bought:

  • Murder In Midwinter, £6.99, Books and Gifts
  • Eliza Rose, £1.75, Cancer Research
  • Notebook, (Greyfriars Bobby), £3.99, in a church somewhere in Edinburgh
  • Sketchpad, £6.99, the Greyfriars Art Shop
  • Cards, £3.99 for a pack of six, Oxfam

And because my friends read this blog I’m not going to say what I bought them and how much it was.

I’m actually going to add more to this extremely long blog post before you finish your glass of water. I’d love to share a few favourite bloggers at the moment that I’m loving. Please check out there blogs. The first is, she’s a real inspiration, please follow her. The second is she follows this blog and is a true friend, please follow her for amazing posts. And last but certainly not least is her blog is amazing, the way she puts all of her thoughts out is awesome. FOLLOW THEM!

Hope you have liked this post and you may have noticed mentions of my birthday, I will take photos of the day to show you guys in a future blog post. But for now I’m,

Jade, signing off… Xx

P.S I’m not trying to brag in any way, shape or form, I’m grateful for everything my mum has bought me but the things I have listed and the things I have bought for my friends are all out of my own money. Thanks.

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