First Impressions


This holiday I’ve yet again taken a quiz on the internet about my first impression.

First impressions are important, very important.

According to this quiz my first impression is gentleness. It said:

“Some of your personality traits include being idealistic, faithful and docile. You open up very easily and you will often receive information from others even though you did not ask for this information. People are very comfortable around you! You are also as tough as anyone can get! Reliable, strong and can always lead the way. People around you know they can count on your trustworthy personality.”

As you can see, it’s a very long explanation that they have placed at the end of this quiz and I think it’s something to write about if you are stuck for your weekly blog posts.

Please take this quiz then comment down below what your first impression is.

Do you agree that this is my first impression?

Jade, Xx

(Link to the quiz:

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