Hello Internet!

Since writing my last post a lot has happened.


One word that happens all the time. It can be the slightest thing but it could potentially change your life… FOREVER! Today, in school, we had a big change. A school are getting a house system and lots of people were worried that they wouldn’t be with friends.

They were right.

Almost everyone isn’t with there friend.

Excluding me. At least I’m with a “best friend”, but only one. Quite a lot of people are unhappy with the choice but things like that; everyone’s got to put up with it.

So, remember, your slightest choice could change a lot of people. In this second, you could be reading this whilst having a glass of water and when you picked that glass up, it could of spilt. That pencil you let someone borrow; you could not give it to them and end up snatching the pencil and it could of broken.

Could. It’s a word that will change your life.

Will. Well, that’s just very, very scary.

And what DID happen is the most important. Think of every breath you take, every hour you live. It will, did, could change your life.

Isn’t that just creepy? Your one movement can change the world?

It’s a long, long question.

Maybe you could find out?

Jade, here to share a smile… Xx

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