First Impressions


This holiday I’ve yet again taken a quiz on the internet about my first impression.

First impressions are important, very important.

According to this quiz my first impression is gentleness. It said:

“Some of your personality traits include being idealistic, faithful and docile. You open up very easily and you will often receive information from others even though you did not ask for this information. People are very comfortable around you! You are also as tough as anyone can get! Reliable, strong and can always lead the way. People around you know they can count on your trustworthy personality.”

As you can see, it’s a very long explanation that they have placed at the end of this quiz and I think it’s something to write about if you are stuck for your weekly blog posts.

Please take this quiz then comment down below what your first impression is.

Do you agree that this is my first impression?

Jade, Xx

(Link to the quiz:

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time…


Do any of you think your life feels like a fairy tale? Where it’s happy but there is a monster to encounter?

Yet again I’ve taken a quiz on PlayBuzz and it says that Little Red Riding Hood would of been based on me. I can find my ways through deep dark woods, like deep dark situations, with bad wolves to please on the way. Even though the may cause hatred and anger I don’t judge from the outside and find out why they are doing what they are doing.

Like bullies for example.

I have been cyber-bullied before and it isn’t nice. But neither is bullying when they are physically beating you up.

Some people are just plain nasty but others, they’ve either:

-Bullied before

-Some bad has been going on at their house (Break-ups between parents, family passing away etc.)

Or it might just be, like I said, plain nastiness.

The thing is there is always some kind of reason out there.

Once upon a time there lived…

A happy girl who thought her fairytale would end happily ever after. It might still, but there are tons of obstacles blocking, pushing and hurting to which you might then give up.

The girl lived happily ever after…

That’s what happens, so just believe in it. Not every fairytale needs a handsome prince to save the day either, you’re the only one who can change it. The hero, in every book, is you.

That was deep…

I don’t care, let’s just share it around the blogging community because you know it is actually quite a reasonable point, don’t you?

Also, just to add, special shoutout to blogger Katie, she has also given support and I thank her very much. (Please follow her amazing blog:

Jade, here to share a smile… Xx


Hello Internet!

Since writing my last post a lot has happened.


One word that happens all the time. It can be the slightest thing but it could potentially change your life… FOREVER! Today, in school, we had a big change. A school are getting a house system and lots of people were worried that they wouldn’t be with friends.

They were right.

Almost everyone isn’t with there friend.

Excluding me. At least I’m with a “best friend”, but only one. Quite a lot of people are unhappy with the choice but things like that; everyone’s got to put up with it.

So, remember, your slightest choice could change a lot of people. In this second, you could be reading this whilst having a glass of water and when you picked that glass up, it could of spilt. That pencil you let someone borrow; you could not give it to them and end up snatching the pencil and it could of broken.

Could. It’s a word that will change your life.

Will. Well, that’s just very, very scary.

And what DID happen is the most important. Think of every breath you take, every hour you live. It will, did, could change your life.

Isn’t that just creepy? Your one movement can change the world?

It’s a long, long question.

Maybe you could find out?

Jade, here to share a smile… Xx

How rare is your personality?


How rare is your personality?

I took a test on PlayBuzz and only 0.1% of the most talented and intelligent people in the world can be identified to my personality! These include:

  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • J.K Rowling
  • Walt Disney and Benjamin Franklin!

How about that?

My most defining traits are: Multiple talents, original way of thinking, exceptionally high IQ and natural leadership skills.

Apparently, I have a tender kindness, incredible self-discipline, strong intellect and a critical outlook on the world. It is also apparent that I stick to my guns and am confident in my choices and know that I’m right and there’s nothing stopping me. I am in an elite group of people, and that’s pretty amazing.

Am I just dreaming or am I in J.K Rowling’s club? Is this true? Do you see me like this? We all have different visions, and I’ll accept yours if you put them in the comments down below,

Thank you for all the support in the comments: it means a great deal.

Jade, signing off… Xx