Never give up on your dreams.

No matter what it is…

But here’s a big question stalking blogs right now: “What happens when your dream is accomplished and you need to find a new one?” Well, I honestly don’t know either, do you? You may be thinking: “I just accomplished the dream that I, everyone, needed. So what can be better than what was?”

Everyone has a notion every now and again telling and telling themselves that nothing can be better than what was. Yeah, that’s probably true.

I have dreams I have to accomplish and they line up like this:

  • STOP BUILDING HOUSES ON USEFUL LAND! An acre, two acres, three… five acres of land can easily be farmed by young students needing and looking for a job. This would be like an apprenticeship instead of full time university.
  • STOP BULLYING! On all social media/websites you can contact people on – hate messages or rude comments would immediately be deleted and reported by the app/website server! And knock some common sense in to teachers and bosses so they know the flippin’ culprit and bully!

Now, THEY were some ideas on big dreams, dreams that everyone would have use for. The question can’t be answered right here on this blog because it depends on who you are, where you are and what YOU would find useful.

Thanks to all whom are reading or leaving a reply, you mean a lot. (Want a burger for all that cheese?)

KittyJade, here to share a smile… Xx


Hello again world!

When I use the title “rules” you can think of a lot of things.

Like: school rules, online rules, the law and rules here on this blog!

Yeah, I get it. You’re bored already but the rules here help you for safety reasons and happiness! So let’s get into it!

The first rule is to ask an adult at home (If you are my age!) or a carer before adding your email and commenting! This is to confirm your online safety so, whoever you live with is aware if anyone is bullying you here on this blog. But hopefully that won’t happen because I will delete those comments for you!

The second rule is to try to be positive every day even if you are feeling down; it might motivate you!

Today in school, the Bishop came in to bless a stained-glass window and all of the school missed a lesson for an assembly (Yes!). And the Bishop talked about the two different people in the world: drains and radiators. The drains are miserable and take (“drain”) all the happiness from a lives and the world; I only know a few drains, and most of them I’ve met and had to sort out! (Argh!) Then there are the radiators, the nice people who share wisdom and warmth so you want to be close to them. I am sure, and I hope, most of you out there are “radiators” and even though I might not know you- I hope you share warmth, wisdom and happiness.

A little thought for you all,

And that’s me, KittyJade, signing off… Xx