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Talking is hard, so instead I write.

Welcome to my blog. I am Erin (short for Catherine, call me either) and my life is a confusion of books, tea, school and travel. Here is where I review the books, spill the tea and document the travel.

When my head is not stuck in a book, you will find me bullet journalling, practising my cello or travelling. I am heavily influenced by the adventures of my life and am always seeking new ones!

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The Little Book Of Lykke (book review linked here)

I started this blog because I am an introvert and a creative. Blogging is a good way to channel my thoughts without speaking to people. Speaking can cause a lot of misunderstanding. For me in particular, I tend to get words wrong or be silent in the wrong places. I’m not even going to try and cure my awkwardness because I love to be quiet. Through various social media platforms, I promote positive messages that mean a lot to me, and share my love for literature.

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The Sunshine Blogger Award | Blogging, Fruit & All The Things I Love

It was a pleasant surprise to be nominated for yet another award, this time by Nath! I only recently discovered Nath’s blog but it’s amazing. Please do click on the link here for her writings. I’m flattered that such an awesome blogger thought of me while nominating people! Big thank you!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display The Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your blog post.

My Answers 

Describe your blogging journey in three words:

Surprising, educational, life-changing.

Who are you outside your blog?

My two personalities don’t differ at all, although in real life I can be very irritating. I often laugh at random things and ramble on for too long about a subject no-one is interested in. I do appear quite put together on my blog, but I have so much work to do and I’m only writing this post because I was distracted from my work.

This is the header you’ll need to include if I nominate you!

Which of your posts is your favourite? Why?

In three years worth of posts, it’s pretty hard to choose. I do love my Awesome Blogger Award post because I spoke a lot about blogging and what goes on behind the scenes. The response to that post what really interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed holding conversation with my favourite bloggers.

Do you have a daily mantra? If so, what is it?

My alarm is labelled ‘today is going to be a good day’ so I say that to myself first thing. Hopefully it will come true!

I used the app Alarmy! It asks me maths questions to turn off the alarm.

What are the three things you are grateful for today?

I’m getting into a routine of listing 5 things I’m grateful for on a daily basis. It’s part of my effort to become more in touch with the Law Of Attraction but also make myself feel better. Today I’m grateful for:

  • my smallish room, that always feels cosy to work in
  • the book I bought last summer, that I am now re-reading. Past Catherine made a good choice and I’m so happy to delve into that world again.
  • my cactus, Elton, who is growing at an astonishing rate! Every time I glance over at him I smile because he’s starting to bloom little pink flowers. How adorable!

Which habit are you proud of breaking?

Up until I was 11, I was terrible and ‘stuffing’. No, this is not in reference to food. Whenever I came across something that didn’t belong, I’d stuff under my wardrobe, bed or anywhere with a gap. Now I have a more minimalist mindset, and due to owning less, I don’t have the desire to ‘stuff’. Plus, it means less to tackle when I do my quarterly sort outs.

What activity makes you lose track of time?

Blogging! Especially the Instagram aspect (thank you for 1.4K on there!). I find myself looking through stories, replying to comments and DMs and discovering new accounts for way too long. It’s not really an addictive relationship, I just love the small blogger community on there. Especially my group chat with the wonderful girlies Ava, Daisy, Grace, Millie, Libs, Sophie and Yaz! You can check out my Instagram here hehe!

Coffee or tea?

Tea all the way. I used to drink coffee at the weekend, usually a Saturday morning with mum, but that tradition no longer continues. We both prefer tea!

This tacky Kevin The Carrot mug is my favourite 😅

Netflix and chill or night out partying?

Netflix and chill (although I don’t have Netflix). I can get so wrapped up in a series I enjoy, so why would I want to leave the house? Upon Rachel’s recommendation, I’m now watching The A Word. You should totally check out Rachel’s accounts, especially her YouTube, because she has awesome videos on there.

What’s the last movie you watched?

More of a TV show kinda gal! The last film I watched was Frozen 2, probably a month ago now.

What food do you crave most often?

Strangely I’m a big fan of apples. I also love cake, any kind, but apples are sweet and refreshing. Whereas cake, if you have eaten a lot, makes you feel a bit sick. I could never be sick of apples. Who else adores fruit? Let me know in the comments!

I Nominate

If you decide to do this award: just linking my website won’t notify me! Copy and paste this link: in your post so I can see it, like and comment!

My Questions

  1. Do you have a bullet journal?
  2. What goal have you already achieved this year?
  3. How long do you spend writing blog posts per day?
  4. What does your content schedule currently look like? (including other socials like Instagram)
  5. What does your perfect morning look like?
  6. How would like to spend the next hour of your life?
  7. What 5 small things make you happy?
  8. Early bird or night owl?
  9. Next book you plan to read? 
  10. On average, how much sleep do you get per night?
  11. What are your plans for summer?

Feel free to answer any of these questions in the comments, or count yourself nominated if you want to do this award for yourself! Make sure to pingback to this post so that I can see it. Can’t wait to see what your answers look like.

The perfect apple 😍

What’s your favourite fruit? Do you find yourself craving a certain fruit sometimes?

If you’ve read the entirety of this post, first of all well done, and secondly you’ll know that I love apples and crave them constantly. I’d love to know what your favourite fruit is in the comments hehe.

catherine x



My New Bookstagram! (I’ll talk more about this in a later post)

The Misuse Of Water & How To Prevent It | Guest Post By Millie Button

Water, water, water. Fundamental for our survival yet used so carelessly. Water, water, water. Everyday we use this precious resource without even knowing it. How long is it going to take for people to realise that everything we do has an impact?

How many people in India don’t have access to clean water? Go on, have a guess! 100 million. 100 million people who don’t have access to the stuff we have so easily. Another statistic? Sure! 20,000 litres of water is used to produce 1 kilogram of cotton. So, it won’t come as a shock to you when I say that the fashion industry is one of the most water-using industries across the globe.

Fast fashion. We’ve all heard of it and most of us shop it. The fast fashion industry is really the culprit for the large amounts of water used by the fashion industry. The industrial-sized dyeing processes, the mass scale production using inorganic fibres, the list just goes on. Water, water, water, when will we stop taking it for granted? Let us not pretend that the problem lies just with these fashion brands, it is also the product of consumerism.

Scary word right? It makes your everyday Topshop or Primark shopper be turned into a monster before your very eyes. We’re all consumers and that isn’t going to change. But, there are ways to be a mindful consumer and stop using that precious jewel known as water. Thrifting. I know, certainly for me, buying from charity shops was always looked down on as something that was done by people who couldn’t afford normal clothes. Yet, this trend of sustainability has brought new life into these shops and created a new approach. Buying second-hand clothes means not using more water for new garments.

Try bringing a new lease of life into your clothes! Thrift-flip your old clothes! Or even try to buy slow fashion. This gets very expensive quickly, but that means a balance between the two. If you are going to buy fast fashion, do it as an investment and cut down on other pieces.

Water, water, water. We need it more than you would know, so save it and treasure it. Water, water, water…

Thank you for reading today’s post, written by the wonderful Millie! Millie is a small content creator who regularly posts on her blog, Instagram and YouTube channel. Her blog is focused around fashion design, and through her platforms she is actively spreading the word about fast fashion and why it should end. Her profiles are inspiring and informative – the perfect blend for success. Please support her journey by clicking here! I would like to personally thank Millie for writing on my blog because you are such a huge inspiration for me!

Next week’s post is all about bath bombs and their danger to our planet. Stay tuned!

Do you buy second-hand clothes? How are you going to stop investing in fast fashion, taking inspiration from this post?

catherine x



5 Ways To Share Your Support To The Black Lives Matter Movement | Guest Post By Simple Little Things

Why has Black Lives Matter suddenly disappeared from your stories? Injustice doesn’t end after a few protests. You’ve got to keep supporting the movement. You’ve got to keep having those uncomfortable conversations. This is a post written by my new blogging friend, Ana. Included are 5 ways to support the movement. Anything written in italics are adaptations from me, Erin. The rest are Ana’s words.

Educating yourself

Knowing about current issues are very
important. Educating yourself about the movement not
only enlightens you but you also helps the person who
wanted to spread the awareness. There is so much to learn about this topic, since it doesn’t get taught enough on the school curriculum.


Signing up petitions can also help you voice
yourself and preferably heard by the government.

I suggest you click on this link. My friend made a Linktree with loads of petitions to sign. They are the ‘main’ ones, if you will. However, by browsing, you will find loads more worthy causes. Once signed, share to your Instagram! Not to be performative, but to encourage others to take the steps you’re taking.

This photo is not mine


No matter how small or big your platform is,
keep raising your voice. Your never know one day when
you will be heard. I always see various messages related to
the movement being spread on my friend Erin’s Instagram
account. It is truly fascinating to see her make use of her
platform to the most.

Thank you dearly, Ana! I don’t think I make enough effort but I keep trying. Sharing resources it the most helpful, and that’s what I try to do through my platforms.

Cute piece of artwork chosen by Ana


I know you’re wondering if you donate money –
will it reach the necessary organisation? Here’s what you
can do, start small. It always doesn’t have to be a huge
amount. Your contribution and awareness is all that
matters. Make sure you find a reliable organization too
and I am sure that your money will be valued.

These are organisations you can donate to:

This photo is also taken from Safari (not taken by me)

Say the name

Do not ever hesitate to say the name. It is
due to the reason that we did not talk about the incidents
that happened to so many others like George Floyd, we never got the chance to know them. Talk about it. Join groups and share your ideas. There are so many productive things that you can do.

Ana chose this photo to be added in! It’s so powerful.

This isn’t a collaboration to gain views, engagement, likes etc. I just want to shed light on an important issue. If you haven’t heard of Ana, you should definitely check out her blog and Instagram. She writes skincare/health/beauty posts. I find them really useful, and decided to write a guest post for her blog in return. I will link that here. It’s 5 ways to prevent greasy hair. However, I’d much prefer you to click on the links of resources. Support BLM. The fight never ends.

How are you going to keep supporting anti-racism? What have we missed from this list?

Educate us by leaving your comments below. This needs discussion.

catherine x



My Name Isn’t Erin | A New Chapter

My name is Catherine. Erin is an abbreviation I used for blogging. I used to need to separate my two ‘identities’: online and offline. Now I am less reliant on that idea. I am going to embrace who I am, Catherine, in all walks of life. That includes this blog. It’s just a small announcement I’d like to make because I felt like I was being dishonest to you all. The blog is still going to be Kitty Jade though!

Kitty is derived from Catherine. My mum used to call me that a lot.

My middle name is Jane, but Kitty Jane didn’t have the same ring to it as Kitty Jade. Plus Jade is a beautiful colour.

And Erin was a name I made up on a whim. But I’d much rather be known as Catherine to all of you, since that is my honest name.

Hope I haven’t confused any of you! Thank you for being so supportive through these mini-identity crises and crazy changes. The content won’t change at all. I won’t change at all. It’s only the label (like when Morrison’s change their home-brand packaging)

Signing off,

Catherine x

P.S I understand that some of you may want to unfollow, due to my lack of transparency over the last few years. Please, go ahead if you feel you need to. I deeply apologise. Anonymity was a shield I held up for myself in fear, rather than fun. Now I am confident enough to be known as Catherine on the blogosphere and I would appreciate support for that. It was fun while you were here.



Top 5 Most Used Recipes | Perfect For Beginner Bakers | Easy, Quick & Super Tasty!

As a baker, there are certain recipes we do over and over again. Necessities, if you will, that are learned up in our baking brain like back of our own hands. In this post I am sharing my top 5 most used recipes. Most you can find on my blog, but there are a few from other places too!

  • Flapjack

We don’t need a recipe for this staple in the kitchen. Flapjack is the simplest but most yummy recipe ever! An alternative to the basic traybake are my oaty cookies. With just the addition of flour you can make these wonderful little biscuits. I often return to them as they are so simple and nothing goes wrong. Check out the recipe on my blog here.

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  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies are a favourite in my family. Any type of chocolate will turn my brother’s head, but nothing beats the classic choc chip cookie. I found this recipe on Grace Ariya’s blog and it’s completely unbeatable! I have made it several times and used it as a base for other flavours. You must try it out. The combination of sieving and beating the butter comes together and forms a marvellous texture. Everything about them is just YUM! Try out for yourself by clicking on this link.

  • Chocolate Cake

The recipe for the perfect chocolate cake just went up the other week (see it here). This is one of the most basic cakes and I bake it for everyone’s birthday! It’s just like a Victoria Sponge, yet you replace a portion of the flour with cocoa. And for a brownie-like texture, add some baking soda! I know this recipe off by heart and I’ve made it twice in the same week before (one for my friend’s birthday, another for my cousin’s). With some chocolate buttercream and white chocolate piping – it’s perfect for anyone.

  • Easter Biscuits

Don’t be put off by the name, because this recipe works all year round. Around Christmas I add zesty orange and dip them in chocolate, for Spring its lemon and royal icing. You can check out the recipe here (made by yours truly) and changing things up a bit doesn’t affect the consistency at all. So add a pinch of salt, or cut them into funny shapes! From this base you can create anything.

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  • Victoria Sponge

The ratio I know by heart: 2:2:2:1 is universal for any cake. Sometimes I’ll make a grand fruity sponge, other times little fairy cakes. Just follow a recipe and whip it up into whatever tin you have! I love, love, love easy cakes like this. Here’s a recipe I found on BBC Goodfood for those of you that are new to baking.

I’ll definitely do a part two to this if you like. I really enjoying recommending recipes to you all and seeing what you create via Instagram! If you are to follow Grace’s recipe, tag her in your photos. Because she is, like me, a small teen blogger (+ YouTuber) that would really appreciate your support. All of Grace’s links are helpfully on this page.

What’s your favourite recipe/baked good?

I’m a big fan of croissants but they take such a lot of effort to make. And you know me, quick and easy does the trick! Hope you all have lovely days,

erin x